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Admire the Charming Tianhe Scenic Spot

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Tianhe ecological scenic spot heads up in the north foot of Mount Huading in Tiantai County of Zhejiang Province, located in its middle section of Tiantai Mountains. Tianhe ecological beauty spot with the spectacular scenery had always been the haunt of many famous writers and painters down through the ages.

Xu Xiake who was the great Ming Dynasty Chinese geographer and traveler had left his footprints in nearly every corner of the country, and Tianhe ecological scenic spot is no exception. He once spent the night in Lianghuang and reached Tiantai Mountain, and began his internationally renowned adventure. The overall measurements of Tianhe scenic spot reached 260 square kilometers, which was composed of nearly a hundred scenic sights.

The beauty spot had now developed three scenic areas including Dasongxi Gorge, Shuangfeng forest park and water tourist area. The secluded and long Dasongxi gorge with a forest of strange peaks and grotesque rocks, waterfalls and impetuous torrent of water, had been known as the first Grand Canyon in Eastern Zhejiang. The valley with the overall length of 20 kilometers had nine turns and 18 curves. The vertical fall reached 900 meters.

There're stacked grotesque rocks nearby the stream at the bottom of the canyon. The largest pebbles reached over one hundred cubic meters and the weight amounts to over 1,000 tons. Among which the Valley of the Moon, the Emerald Pool and many more are the most exciting scenic sights. Shuangfeng forest park is blessed with more than 10,000 hectares of natural evergreen broadleaf forest had the branches and leaves spreading to the surrounding extension.

The quality of the air is reasonably well. Staying among them, visitors could suddenly feel completely refreshed when the forest sea came into the view. Tianhe ecological scenic spot had always been known as a beauty spot with perilous peaks, hidden valley, unique waters, wonderful stones, unreliable roots and fantastic mist, which would without doubt conquer numerous sightseers from all parts of the world by its reputation.

Tianhe ecological scenic spot is located in the opening place of "Diary of the Travels of Xuxiake" within the territory of Ninghai County of Zhejiang Province, with the plan area about 160 square kilometers and the nuclear scenic area of over 30 square kilometers.

Tianhe scenic spot is the ecological scenic spot that relies on the natural scenery of famous mountains and great rivers, takes the Daoist and the cultural essence as the connotation, makes the features of green hills and clear waters, picturesque cragged peaks and grotesque rocks, the streams and waterfalls, the primitive forest and modern amusement.

Tianhe ecological scenic spot with a long and rich historical culture had the nuclear scenic spot with over 30 square kilometers that was Tianlao Mountain where Li Taibai once walked in his sleep. As a result, Tianhe ecological scenic spot with superb natural view and time-honored historical culture could be the tourist area in the functional and ecological type for rest and recreation, taste and sightseeing, enlightenment and edutainment. 

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