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Admire the Mystical Mount Shengdeng

 2014-10-08    Young    Sights    Chongqing    1803  

Shengdeng Mountain Forest Park is located within the territory of Tiaoshi Town in Banan District of Chongqing City, which is the National Forest Park and about 50 kilometers distant from the liberation monument in the center of Chongqing. Although Shengdeng Mountain is small yet has its outstanding feature, which has been known as "Small Mount Emei in eastern Sichuan."

Shengdeng Mountain Forest Park is not only the unique and natural stone park in the city, but also the valuable queen of summer resort for short-range tourist and holiday in and around Chongqing. There're many tourist exciting points within the scenic spot. It is almost impossible to list here all the places of interest in Shengdeng Mountain Forest Park. Only when one visits the place himself could he take in the full beauty of the inexhaustible delight it might offer.

The beautiful scenery could greet the eye every step of the way, which would give visitors the chances to experience the essence of life. Climbing to the top of the mountain and looking as far as the eye could reach, the horizon could disappear into a sea of cloud and sea. How much the lofty spirit and soaring determination had shown between the lines? After you returned from your walk in the mountains, you have to wonder why the Creator is so quite parsimonious that not give much of such one fantastic mountain.

Shengdeng Mountain as a forbidden place in former times has nowadays lifted the mysterious veil and developed into the original forest park and geography education base. Shengdeng Mountain Forest Park is blessed with its excellent vegetation, leafy and flowery forest resources, simple and original folk customs. The natural breeze differed from the cold air in other places.

The coolness was soothing enough to get you doubly comfortable without any heating. All these things could be incapable of being repudiated. Shengdeng Mountain rises 1,064 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the perpendicular cliffs on all sides, steep and abrupt, a forest of grotesque rocks in many different shapes, Shengdeng Mountain had many scenic sights, which could remind you of the fantastic beauty and arise the prodigious imagination.

Shengdeng Mountain is one natural Grand View Garden of the flora and fauna, with thick forest and many species of plants. Among the patches of subtropical native vegetation, there're many rare and precious trees like ancient pines, amentotaxus, ancient gingko trees with the age of about 500 years. Meanwhile, the mountain is also the perfect breeding ground for a lively and varied selection of wild animals including the roe that is not only a kind of rare and precious animal in the world, but also under special state protection.

The Tanzikou reservoir is located at the foot of Shengdeng Mountain a short distance away, about 116 meters long and 33 meters high. The dam could impress visitors with its majestic and precipitous charm. The spacious surface of the lake nestling in the green mountains is well integrated with the blue hills and green streams. 

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