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Adventure Guangdong

 2013-01-02    Sara    Tours    Shenzhen    2525  


Guangdong in December was much comfortable than I could imagined. Get up early in the morning to drink morning tea, while in the evening go to have night snacks.. so I felt Guangdong is a good place for leisurely outdoor living.

This trip to Guangdong, I had been four destinations: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Zhongshan. In addition to the comfortable weather in the winter, I like the day of eating and drinking, Cantonese cuisine is one of my favorite.

Abalone in clay pot chicken, very delicious
Abalone in clay pot chicken

Angus beef accompanied by organic bamboo shoot, this dish combining Chinese and Western cooking
Angus beef accompanied by organic bamboo shoot

After the 2011 Universiade, Shenzhen Longgang District looks like a pearl.
Shenzhen Longgang District

Compared with Futian District and Luohu District, Longgang District is much quiet, but without losing the modern feeling.
Shenzhen Longgang District

In the evening, we had dinner in a Thai Restaurant.
Shenzhen food


The next day, we headed for Guangzhou.

The strawberry grown in the roadside fields, Guangzhou in mid-December was very comfortable!
Guangzhou strawberry

My friend took me to have breakfast, and we ordered lots of food. After that, we strolled to the market.
Guangzhou food



Foshan is close to Guangzhou. When come to Foshan, we began to eat again. I was told not to miss the Shunde cuisine.

In the day, we went to Pingzhou, where there are China’s famous jade markets, with the largest volume of production and sales. At noon, we had a typical Cantonese dish, I like Hakka stuffed tofu, as well as the roast pigeon.
Foshan Pingzhou jade market


In Zhongshan, I tasted some authentic Zhongshan snacks, such as shrimp noodle and Beef Brisket with trotter noodle.
Zhongshan food

At about mid-day, we spent one hour having lunch in a restaurant near the airport bus station. After that, we strolled along the old streets and alleys, taking photos as well.

In this season, there are Bauhinia flowers blooming in Guangdong. We entered an alley where there is graffiti on the wall.

We saw many Zhongshan historic buildings. 

the ancient and delicate carving on the old house

We saw many these kinds of things in front of the houses of Cantonese families.

old people in the alley 

Went out from the alley, we saw such pedicab in the street.

Half an hour later, we finally returned to the airport bus station and ended our trip. Overall, Guangdong has left me a deep impression, the food, the locals, and the jade street, etc.

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