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All the Way North to the Exotic Shiwei Russian Town in Mongolia

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Blue sky, green grass, birch forests, the scattered Mukden wooden houses and galloping horses in the vast grassland, the quiet alongside Arguna River, and beautiful girls and handsome boys there, this is the exotic beautiful Shiwei Town in the far northern China.

All the way north to Mongolia Autonomous Region alongside the Arguna River, there stands Shiwei Russian Nationality Township. It is one of the northernmost towns in China. Shiwei is also called Anlalin. It is one of the birthplaces of Mongolic people and is said to be the hometown of Genghis Khan. In the end of 19 century, some Russian people come to Shiwei for business and mining, some of them settled down and intermarried with local Mongolic people. Now Shiwei has been a settlement for descendants of Russian people and Russian-Chinese people.

Nowadays, Shiwei attracts people there for its special and unique Russian styled lifestyle and customs, and charming scenery.

When coming to Shiwei, you will find this place has a strong flavor of Russian style. They have kept traditional Russian customs and lifestyles. The best way to experience the exotic Russian lifestyle is to live in a local Russian-owned family inn. There you can taste the authentic Russian food that is special and delicious, like Lieba, pickled cucumber, caviar and home-made red bean wine. You can have a relaxed Russian-styled massage, and you can go to pick up wild fruits and mushrooms, and go fishing in summer and autumn. At night, you will have chances to enjoy wonderful Russian folk song and dancing performances by local people.

Along the Arguna River, there is vast grassland with verdant grass where local people graze cows and sheep. One of the must dos when in Shiwei is horse-riding. Galloping a horse in the vast grassland along the beautiful Arguna River, enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunset is quiet a relaxed and pleasant experience.

At Shiwei, you will see lots of Russian styled architectures there. To most tourists, the most attractive should be the low Mukden houses. These wooden houses with stone foundation made with round logs and stones but without using a single nail is of outstanding Russian style. These neat Mukden houses scattered in the grassland provide broad views for the blue sky and their solid shapes integrate with the gentle outlines of the grassland to form a rich picture.

Birch forest in Shiwei Town.

The best time to travel to Shiwei is summer and autumn.

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