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Amazing Destination in China – Guilin

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 Does travel have to break the bank? The answer is definitely “no”. Still there are lots of amazing destinations in China that can be enjoyed on the cheap. Today we are going to guide you around Guilin, one of the budget-friendly destinations in our country. 

There goes an idiom in Chinese “Guilin's scenery is best among all under heaven.”(桂林山水甲天下), which reveals the beautiful scenic spots in Guilin to the visitors. Located in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is mainly famous for its unique scenery of Karst topography and listed as the most popular tourist destination in China. As the name implies, Guilin means” Forest of Sweet Osmanthus” in Chinese and those charming Sweet Osmanthus trees can be commonly seen in that region. In stead of a province, Guangxi is an autonomous region for Zhuang ethnic group and that is why many people think Guilin is home to ethnic minorities.

Cycling in Yangshuo

Are you fed up with the hustle and bustle in modern city? Then come with us to cycle along the country roads in Yangshuo, Guilin. Yangshuo is a small country under the jurisdiction of Guilin City with little air and water pollution, few traffic jams and slow life pace. These days, traditional luxury trip to Yangshuo is no longer a perfect choice for you, because you can not get closely to the nature and pure your mind in a car. Then why not pack up your luggage, borrow a bike and wandering along the quiet country. Started from Yangshuo, it may usually take you about 20 minutes to “meet the dragon”, which means Yulong River in Chinese. The Yulong River flows through several small villages, such as Putao, Chaolong, Yima and Gaotian Town. While you are cycling along the roads, you can see some cute ducks swimming in the river, women washing their clothes and fishermen rowing the rafts. No one can help recording the simple life here when he or she once to here.

For those who enjoy taking a risk, the Moon Hill is a breathtaking spot beyond imagination, about 1 KM away from Yulong River. In fact, the Moon Hill gains its name from the appearance since there is moon-shape hole at the bottom of it. Every year, lots of tourists come here for rock climbing. Would you like to have a try?

After a whole day’s cycling, the deep night is coming. Do not worry! Tidy hotels are available for visitors who want to rest a night in the Moon Village. When you finish the tasty dinner, you can also find a place to sit down and appreciate the magnificent Moon Hill at night in a distance place.

Tip: 1. the best time for cycling is from May to October and bicycle rental shops may require a 200 or 500 refundable deposit when you renting a bike. 2. Remember to bring sunscreen and a coat with you.

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