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Ancient Charm of Jincheng

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Jincheng, a name that majority people don’t know, are getting more and more recognized with its profound natural and humanism charming. Located in southeastern Shanxi Province, Jincheng is bordered by Henan Province to the east and south, and neighboring Changzhi City to the north. Known as Zezhou in ancient times, it is where the Shen Nong Divine Farmer helped Chinese ancestors to make the transition from a pastoral-nomad way of life to farming. The Tang Court established Jincheng County.

Mountains and hills constitute the major part of the city. Mountainous areas are mainly distributed in western, eastern and southern territory of the city, while the northern and central land is occupied by undulating hills interweaving with basins.

Manghe Macque National Nature Reserve, located in Sanglin Town, Yangcheng County, was established for the protection of macaques (a species of monkey) and subtropical vegetation. Its ten kilometers long calcified landscape is the only calcified valley in Eastern China.

Royal Prime Minister's Palace is a royal residence of the Prime Minister Chen Jingting once visited by the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). A castle complex of buildings with more than 500 years' history and a great number of Chen Jingting's posthumous works and the emperor's handwritings. The expert of ancient architecture, Mr. Luo Wenzhe, points out that the village is unique in “combining officer's dwelling place, ancient homes of literary men and folk houses in one”.

The scenic area of Royal Prime Minister's Palace covers a sightseeing area of more than 10 thousands of square meters. It was built on the hillside of a mountain, and there are rows and rows of houses in the castle. There are 8 large courtyards in the inner city, especially the particularly noticeable 30 m high seven-storey Heshan Tower in which there are wells, stone roller, grinder and secret channel to go out of city. 107 soldier hiding caves armed with crossbows and light armour can be used in defense. Surrounding walls and stone portals, beautiful gardens and living rooms, all those make the Castle and Mansion of PM the first big family of the north in the Qing Dynasty. Actually it is an ideal place for sightseeing. Here you can enjoy the ancient architectures and traditional customs.

Of course, besides Royal Prime Minister’s Palace, Jincheng has more other historical relics to offer as an ancient city. Jade Emperor Temple, for example, is a Taoist site famous for the twenty-eight tutelary gods of the twenty-eight constellations in Taoism. And the earliest theatrical stage in Jin Dynasty - Dai Temple has also attracts millions of tourists.

Jincheng has become a brilliant tour destination in the Taihang Mountains, and a bright pearl of the Yellow River Basin. What’s more, except for the stunning sceneries, if you come to Jincheng, don’t forget to try delicious ethnic foods like Hua Gu (a kind of Chinese mushroom) and monkey-head mushroom of Qinshui County, pear, persimmon, hawthorn fruit. All in all, ancient Chinese charm are well-presented by the whole city.

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