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Ancient Chinese Village-Bamboo Spring Village One Day Tour

 2014-04-16    sonrisabai    Tours    Linyi    1630  

If you want to experience ancient Chinese pastoral life and escape from the modern world for a few days, I got a perfect place for you. Come to Bamboo Spring Village- Where your dreams come true. Bamboo Spring Village is located in north of Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. It’s one of the oldest and the most well-preserved ancient village in Northern China.

It didn’t get famous till recently. Before that, it’s just a beautiful village lying beneath the mountain. Its history began at Yuan Dynasty, which was about 500 hundred years ago. According to Traditional Chinese Fengshui theory, it has perfect location and layout. It’s surrounded by mountain and hills in three sides, in front of the village, there’s vast farm field.

I wander aimlessly in this wonderful small village, my mind was so peaceful. It's a village with extraordinary scent of pristine. The streets are covered with brown stones in different shapes. Clumsy grinding stone, aged winch, mossy well, creaking waterwheel, mottled windows, everything was telling its own special story. If it wasn't the phone ringing from a chic girl, I would lost in my imagination for much longer. For me, lost in time is the best thing when traveling around.

What amazed me the most is how they build walls. No cement, mud or whatsoever, the outside wall just looks like a big piles of stones in an organized mess. They use small pebbles to fill the void. Houses are decorated with red paper banners which have auspicious couplets written on them. I have to admire the rustic impressive building skills. Maybe that’s inherited from ancient Chinese wisdom.

The bamboo here is incredibly verdant and tall. Most bamboo are crude like children arms and each joint is in dark green color, uptight and vigorous. There is bamboo everywhere in this small village, around the house, besides the riverbank, on the hillside, all green, which makes this place more pristine.

On the outlet of Bamboo Spring, there is a square well. Standing there, I could see waters bubbling up from the well and feel the cool fresh air coming out from the well. I take a sip, really sweet and refreshing. No wonder they say villagers can enjoy a longer life span with such good spring water.

There are three layers of spring water. Every layer got its different function, first layer is for people drinking, second layer is for washing rice, the third is for washing clothes. The tradition has been inherited for hundred of thousands years. I take a small sip, very sweet.

Standing right besides the spring, with dark green bamboos all around, suddenly I feel a little bit jealous of people who live here. Such scene can be very helpful for having a peaceful mind, you can feel this in concrete world. A kiosk with four curved corners comes into my sight, there is a antithetical couplet carved on the pillars.

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