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Ancient Furong Town Part 1

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The Furong town is an attractive and peaceful town which located in the Xiangxi, Hunan province. Many years ago, this place was an unknown ancient small town, and this place became popular since a movie released. Because the plot of the movie is all about this small ancient town, since then the people outside starts to know this place...

Even this place has become a tourist scenic zone, but this town still makes people feel peaceful. If you were looking for this kind of place for traveling, i guess this is what you want. Now, i list some tips for traveling the Furong town, please pay more attention on it:

Tip 1 : Opening time of the Furong town

Because of the Furong town has no enter gate, so this small ancient town is open for tourist anytime ( just in case, don’t arrive too late, or the store and restaurant will be closed).

Tip 2 : ticket
The Furong town has a preferential ticket system if you are a student or the special guest, then you could enjoy the free or discount ticket. Check the details below:

A. Preferential ticket

1. The old person who is 60-69 years old could enjoy 50% preferential ticket with valid documentation, the old person who is 70 years (including 70 years old) old could visit in free of charge with valid documentation.

2. The children under 1.2 meters tall could visit in free of charge, and the children between 1.2-1.4 meters could enjoy 50% preferential ticket.

3. The college, middle, primary school students could enjoy 50% preferential ticket with student ID card ( this policy doesn’t include the adult education students).

4. The disabled could visit in free of charge with valid documentation.


A. Regular ticket

1. The Mengdong river rafting is charging 122 for each single person, if you want to buy the insurance then you need to spend 2 RMB more ( I suggest you to have this insurance, just in case).

2. The Furong town is not like the other scenic zone, in this village, less project need to pay for it. If you visit this place with several friends as a group, and you study the line. Then you guys could visit totally free, just need to spend money on the hotel, food and some special project which like rafting.

But if you all didn’t study the line, and don’t know this place at all. Then you all could go with a tour group, and each one of you need to spend 100 RMB on this ( this fee is including the bus fee).

Suggestion: because of you will get wet in the rafting project, then i suggest you to prepare a disposable raincoat with rainproof, wind proof and heat insulation. Basically, you could have this in store and the price is around 6 to 9 RMB. I remind you here, every single disposable raincoat in the scenic zone will cost at least 40 to 50 RMB.

Remind: this article has two parts, the “traveling tips of the Furong town ( A)” is the first part, if you would like to read the complete tips, then I suggest you to find the second part for reading also, and the name of the second part is “traveling tips of the Furong town (B)”.

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