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Ancient Relic from Bohai Kingdom

 2014-05-23    sonrisabai    Activities    Mudanjiang    1801  

Among the famous Jingbo Lake scenic resorts, there is an eye-catching historical relic called Bohai Kingdom. Once was being the far-famed kingdom with vast territory in Middle Ages, it ruled eastern areas of Heilongjiang Province, middle east area, some parts of Russia and North Korea. It enjoyed a good reputation with the name of “Greatest Kingdom of Eastern Sea” around one thousand years ago. But all good things come to an end, so is Bohai Kingdom. It was annexed Qidan people after 229 years of govern. Archaeologists have unearthed tons of precious artifact from this area.

The first thing came into my sight was the firmly -built stone wall base, I stood there and tried to imagine its whole look in ages ago. Obviously time didn’t leave too much trace on those stone base. They still looked tough, just in an old way. There was a very deep Colored glaze well, it was built for the king of Bohai Kingdom. Even one thousand years had passed, it still functioned well with abundant and clear water. Tourists were allowed to taste the well water with a man-powered faucet fixed on the top. Each one of us used our empty mineral water bottles and tried it, it tasted great, sweet and refreshing. I was drinking the same water as the people in one thousand year ago. That was awesome!

I walked slowly in the relics, I could almost see what it looked like in best of times. Palace maids whispering gossips in lower voice; emperor of the kingdom checking papers from ministers, frowning;concubines playing Chinese lute or doing embroidery in harem, everything seemed just perfect. But who would have thought such a great kingdom was burnt down almost to ashes later? You never know. High and lows, rules of life too. Great things don’t always stay the same, time could change everything.

So far the most well-preserved relics were Xinglong Temple, also known as “Big South Temple”. It was built completely with wooden materials in arch structure, plus delicate carvings on the pillars and glazed tiles on the roof, it looked amazingly splendid under the sun. In front of the temple lied a giant stone turtle with unique modeling. Inside the temple, there was a huge rock buddha from Bohai Kingdom period. He was smiling like there’s no worries in the world.

We also found another unexpected treasure spot- the flower sea! Everyone were hustling to the beautiful fields. Bright yellow marigold and pink and white coreopsis gently swinged with the breeze, if there was heaven, this might be the place, I thought to myself. Sound of camera shutters filled the air, everyone was saving their Kodak moment and didn’t want to leave. Thought I didn’t get too much from the relics, the flower sea did make my trip worthwhile.

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