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Ancient Zhenyuan Town & Yongding

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Winter is a good time to travel and worth to spend a week time somewhere, and if you don’t know where to go, here are two recommendations for your reference.

There is a far ancient town in the southeast part of Guizhou which can be dated back to 2000 years ago, is used to be the necessary channel to Guizhou, Guangxi and Yunnan, its name is Zhenyuan.

Even though thousand years have passed, houses and alleys in Zhenyuan have been kept completely without any vicissitudes trace, the countless ancient houses, alleys and ports make you understand the previous vigorous of this town. The pure Wuyang river passes by slowly in the zigzag shape which is the mother river of this town, therefore, this town shapes into the Taiji pattern in whole. Wuyang river protects its sons and daughters everyday and it is also one of the spots to visit with characters of rocks, mountains and waters.

There is a train station in Zhenyuan town directly from Guiyang, the ticket is 42RMB, besides, bus station in Guiyang and Kaili has buses to Zhenyuan everyday. The accommodation in this ancient town are particular about the ancient inn, of course there are some modern hotels with an average price from 80 to 180RMB. The special local food in Zhenyuan town is the boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili.

The second place that worth to go is Yongding, there are many places in China named Yongding, but the one in Longyan Fujian is famous to everyone. The most popular spot in Yongding in Longyan is the earth houses, which contain high historical and scientific values. Each earth house is lived by hundreds of families, once live here for several days, you will be moved and touched by the hospitable of the local Hakka that you would like to abandon the city life.

Different from other south counties in China, the traveling in Yongding is very convenient, it has its own train station, therefore, yo are recommended to go there by train, but you can also choose the bus. The ancient inn and farmer houses in Yongding are the particular accommodations though there are hotels in the city center, it will be a different experience to live in the inn. Food in Yongding are mostly in deep flavor and its characters are salty, mature and rich, of which, the salty chicken, brew tofu and roast meat are the necessary food to have a try.

If you are tired of the modern life and searching for a different life style, both Zhenyuan and Yongding are good destinations for you to rest, just clear your mind and empty your burden. 

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