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Appealing Mount Dashu Forest Park

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The beautiful Dashu Mountain is the only great mountain in the nearby suburbs of the Hefei city; it covers an area of 8,500 acres and rises 284 meters above sea level. There are a lot of historic spots like Kaifu Temple in the previous Dashu Mountain. Following a major shift of epochs, these temples and palaces harmoniously integrated into the whole have disappeared without trace.

Yet the secluded and refined landscape of Shu Mountain and the Feishui River is still a symbol of LuZhou. Here is a brief record in "Dashu Mountain", a chapter in the Annals of Luzhou County: "In Dashu Mountain, with the thick woods, dense forest and the green bamboo grove, there're a lot of poems and inscriptions in its praise left behind by scholars and men of letters from different dynasties.

The scenery is delightful in all four seasons; especially the winter landscape of snow is the most beautiful. Seasonable snow appeared to fall out of the void. To reach the Xueji Pavilion near the peak of the mountain, we will look down on the stunning landscape, along which we will feast our eyes on the charming scenery of the vast snowy sea, the mountains and forests clad in white and appreciate the brilliant sunshine and the white snow that could form a splendorous contrast with it.

You might also turn eastward the downtown of Hefei City were just resembled the imaginary world. Here you will find yourself in a world of exquisite jade towers and crystal palaces as well as the sparkling snow-laden trees and flowers. Further north was the beautiful Shushan Lake like a glittering and translucent bright mirror in the midst of the hoary landscape.

For historical reasons, the war-ravaged forest vegetation and buildings in Dashu Mountain had been suffered the most serious damage. After liberation Hefei people under the leadership of the Communist Party and the government launched vigorously national forestation activities for many successive years, started the construction and renovation of the scenic spot, and finally they turned the Dashu Mountain into one forest park with the dense growth of evergreen trees and charming scenery.

The present Dashu Mountain Forest Park is such one large-size beautiful garden that takes the Dashu Mountain as the mainstay. Through the improvement and construction of woodland for many years, Dashu Mountain Forest Park regained its beauty and green pines and bamboos are thickly carpeted all over the mountains as before. Viewed from the distance, the green forest growing half way down the hill is lush and green.

In spring, groups of birds sing and flowers give force their fragrance; the wrath of summer's heat has enveloped the whole garden; as summer merges into autumn, the maple trees like fierce fire through the densely forested hills; It's stopped snowing and is clearing up during the cold winter seasons. So rich and fleecy were the outlines of the planted trees and mountain slopes where scarce an opening could be seen, and the shining gleam of sunny clouds is really a magnificent sight.

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