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Appreciate Roaring Detian Falls in Nanning

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Ban Gioc Falls or Detian Falls are 2 waterfalls located in Daxin County on the Chinese side, and in the district of Trung Khanh, on the Vietnamese side. Showcasing a classic Asian landscape of rocky outcrops towering over lush rice paddies, these falls produce a dreamy, silky mist over the tiers of this 300-foot-wide-plus cascade of the Guichun River. The Detian Falls (called Banyue Falls in Vietnam) are in the southwestern Chinese province of Guangxi, bordering Vietnam.

The Ban Gioc waterfall crosses the boundary between China and Vietnam and joins with the Banyue Waterfall in Vietnam. It is the largest waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest waterfall along a national border in the world with over 200 meters wide and a drop of more than 70 meters. Besides the waterfall, there are many other attractive scenes awaiting your visit, including the Heishui River, Qiaomiao Lake, Guichun Boundary River, Shatun Waterfall, No.53 Mere Stone and numerous cultural relics and rare animals. Abundant rainfall and moderate temperature gives life to the evergreen plants covering the picturesque landscape. The Shatun Waterfall is another famous waterfall in the Detian Scenic Spot. The fall flows down from seven terraces. Compared with Detian Waterfall, Shatun Waterfall is not so grand and powerful. It looks like a gentle woman associating herself with the enthralling nature.

There is the Tongling Gorge accessible only through a cavern from an adjoining gorge. Rediscovered only recently, it has many species of endemic plants, found only in the gorge, and in the past was used as a hideout by local bandits, whose treasure is occasionally still found in the cliff-side caves. As for the Guichun River originated from Jingxi, Baise, Guangx, it flows into Vietnam and then goes back to China. The two countries are bounded by this river. On one bank stand the buildings in the Zhuang ethnic minority's style and on the other bank is the outlook of another country. Think about this difference and you find it quite interesting. A road running along the top of the falls leads to a stone marker that demarcates the border between China and Vietnam in French and Chinese. Modern disputes arose as there are discrepancies as to the correlating legal documents on border demarcation and the placement of markers between the French and Qing administrations in the 19th century.

Below it, there is a deep pool more than 200 meters wide and over 30 meters depth. There are a large number of big fish in the pool and the fish meat is very delicious. So, the villagers who live there often come to the pool to catch fish. They usually sing folk songs as they cast the nets. Wild songs echo in the mountains and there is a joyous, carefree and lively atmosphere on these occasions.

June and July may be the most humid time of year to travel here, but it’s when the river is at its most dramatically rapid. Listening to the roar falls is a kind of pleasure for it seems to have the talent to wash away your tiredness along with the running water.

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