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Appreciate the Glassy Erhai Lake

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The Erhai Lake stands in the suburb of Dali Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It's the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province. Lake Erhia is just an extensive stretch of water covering some 256.5 square kilometers, 42.58 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide from east to west, beginning from Eryuan in the north to Xiaguan in the south, averaging over 2,000 metres above sea level. There're two outlets of the lake: one issued from the western Erhai Lake near the Xiaguan town, the other is diverting water from Erhai Lake into the branches.

The famous moon of Erhai Lake is considered as one of the eight scenic sights of Dali that is noted for its "Wind, flower, snow and moon-romantic themes." As the story goes, it takes its name from the fact that it has a shape of an ear. The quality of the water from Erhai Lake is pretty good, basically attaining the functioning requirements. Here the scenery of Erhai Lake is beautiful and aquatic product resources are bountiful.

Erhai Lake is one alpine lake formed by the infall of the western Erhai Lake. The chain of Cang Mountains ripples the gentle curve like sea; one lake autumn water gently raises the waves in the light wind. It enjoyed a good reputation as the pearl on a plateau for its beautiful scenery. Looks down from the sky, Erhai Lake seemed as though it was a quarter moon, stretched out luxuriously between the Cang Mountain and wide dam in Dali. In the tract of about 256.5 square kilometers, there are steep gorge, lush forest and transparent lake.

Lake Erhai is well famous for what is called the three isles, the four tongues of land and the nine coves. The water of Erhai Lake was clear to the bottom, with numerous temptations and beautiful. The transparency of the Erhai Lake is fairly good. Through the ages, it has been known as "Fair flawless jade among the mountains." The Erhai Lake that locates the Dali city within the boundaries is regarded as the mother river of the Bai ethnic group.

There're many interesting places around the lake, such as the Erhai Park at the southern end of Lake Erhai, the Xizhou Mid-sea Pavilion, the Haishe and the double-corridor. Sailing a boat in the Erhai Park during the becalmed days, clean and translucent lake like blue sky among the green and luxuriant hills, all of these offers a kind of peaceful and distant feeling. Let the visitors comprehend and travel in a pictorial world. In the burnished mirror of the lake, mountain and boats are counterfeited so vividly and so clearly. In addition, there are 17 indigenous species fish in Erhai Lake, also consisting of eight endemic species.

To the west of Erhai Lake is Diancang Mountain quietly in columns. To the west is the surrounding Mount Yu'an that is highlighted in relief against the blue sky. The space environment is expected to be very beautiful. Since time immemorial, an untold number of high-minded scholars composed many appreciative poems and essays. 

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