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Appreciate the great work of Dujiang Dam

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It’s well-known that Dujiang Dam is a significant irrigation project constructed thousands years ago. The world-renowned Dujiang Dam Irrigation Project, situated in the place where the MInjiang River enters the alluvial plain, was designed by the prefecture of Shu County of State of Qin in the Warring States Li Bing and his son. Dujiang Dam City, famous for the Dujiang Dam in its territory, is located in the middle part in Sichuan Province, China.

The great work shares not only the talent to irrigate, but also appealing scenery. Recovered from the river in 1974 and placed on display in the main hall, this is the oldest known stone statue of a human in China. People who have seen Dujiang Dam share the same impression: its general structure is very simple. The key part is the low bank in the middle of the Min River. It divides the river into the inner and outer rivers. Since the bank looks like a fish heading forward, people call the top part “fish mouth.” Featuring with diversion without dam, this project is “deeply-digging and low-weir”. After going by the project, the Minjiang River divides into 7 parts, among which 6 rivers can be used to irrigation and the Jinma River remains to be the trunk stream. It has become the foundation of the prosperity of the land of abundance, Chengdu Plain and has played a great role for more than 2000 years.

Dujiang Dam City also enjoys the beautiful accounts of “worship the gorgeous water project in Dujiang Dam, appreciate the truth of Taoism in Mount Qingcheng”. The Mount Qingcheng in the west of the city is one of the birthplaces of Taoism and is home of the Zhengyidao, which is known as “Mount Qing cheng--world quietest place”. Palaces and taoist temples are crowed in the front range, while behind the mountain the scenery is quiet and elegant and it remains the original style as it was .By now, the Mount Qingcheng--Dujiang Dam scenic spots has been in the World Heritage List by the UNESCO and also been set as one of the national key scenic spots by the State Council.

Famous temples like Two Kings Temple and Dragon-Taming Temple share the same profound culture deposit as its city. Erwang or Two Kings Temple is located on the bank of the river at the foot of Mount Yulei. The original Wangdi Temple built in memory of an ancient Shu king was relocated and so locals renamed the temple here in honour of Li Bing and his legendary son whom they had posthumously promoted to kings.

Fulonguan or Dragon-Taming Temple in Liudi Park was founded in the third century in honour of Fan Changsheng, the Jin Dynasty founder of Tianshi Daoism. Following Li Bing’s death a hall was established here in his honour and the temple was renamed to commemorate the dragon fighting legends that surrounded him. There is an ancient legend about the place. It is here that Erlang Shen, the legendary son of Li Bing, is said to have chained the dragon that he and his 7 friends had captured in an ambush at the River God Temple when it came to collect a human sacrifice. This action is said to have protected the region from floods ever since.

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