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Astonishing Sights of Huangshan Waterfalls

 2014-03-04    Young    Sights    Anhui    2489  

The Huangshan Waterfalls is undeniably one of the most famous tourist attractions, which contain three great Jiulong Waterfall (Nine-dragon Waterfall), the Renzi Waterfall, and the Baizhang Waterfall. All these waterfalls are extremely beautiful, and have their own merits. The magnificent scenery and sights of the waterfall is a feast for the eyes. When you put yourself personally into the amazing scene and enable you to be more deeply impressed. And like millions of other tourists, we were snapping pictures and marveling at the incredible power of the prodigies of nature. The time you enter the famous site, a marvelous view of the Waterfalls greeted you!

The scenic spots like various kinds of pines and the thousand-zhang waterfall of Mount Huangshan constitute the miraculous scenery rarely to be found on earth. It can be difficult or nearly impossible to list here all the scenic attractions of Huangshan Waterfalls. Only when one being there in person will he get an idea of the inexhaustible and delightful scene it may afford. You wouldn't believe how high some of the waterfalls are, only when you go, it would surely win people's great admiration! When you enter the famous spot, just stand and soak up its grandeur or get in there and get active- the wonderful Huangshan Waterfalls have to be seen to be believed. You could be filled with wonder at the sight of the magnificent waterfalls.

The Jiulong Waterfall is considered to be the most magnificent scene. It has awe-inspiring sights which makes a sheer drop of one thousand feet. It's recorded that there're nine curves available in the waterfalls, each forming a pool underneath. That is the way it got its name as Nine-Dragon Waterfall. After the heavy rains, the torrents look as if it is nine white dragons at first thought, flowing down from the sky to sweep over the land and dropping on the peoples. It is said that in the world today only the Lushan Waterfall in Jiangxi can be a rival to it.

The Renzi Waterfall got its name because the water drops down in two streams from the two high peaks in a shape of "A". During the rainy season the waterfall, swollen by mountain torrents, the A becomes plump. The situation is exactly the opposite during the dry season. The quaint cataract watching kiosk of hot spring ponds is the best place where you can enjoy the brand Waterfall, from which tourists could enjoy the mysterious distant waterfall veiled in the mountain mist.

The Baizhang Waterfall is distinguished by its surging down from the cliffs about 300 meters high. The Baizhang Stage near the Baizhang Waterfall is one great place to catch sight of the whole view of the Waterfall. The waterfalls in the mountain afford gorgeous view. The crystal Baizhang Waterfall is extremely charmingly shy, half-hidden behind green leafy trees in deep elegant seclusion. Despite the fact that I had experienced the bird's-eye view of the brand famous spots several times when traveling in China, this time I was still deeply impressed by such a magnificent spectacle.

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