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Attractive Mount Guangwu in Sichuan

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Guangwu Mountain scenic resort is located at the northern edge of Bazhong Nanjiang County. Its highest peak rises to a height of over 2,500 meters. The area of the beauty spot accounts for over 400 square kilometers. The mountain is large and quite imposing. The complex and varied terrains had created one natural paradise for biodiversity.

With overlapping steep peaks, beautiful forest trees, the deep and quiet cave, the place studded with mountain spring and the vast and mighty forest, the scenic spot could really be a good place for numerous wild animals to live and inhabit. There're many places of scenic and cultural interest on or around Guangwu Mountain. Its ancient precious and rare animals and plants occupied the first place among the renowned mountains in the country.

From afar, Guangwu Mountain looks like the Sleeping Buddha. Guangwu Mountain was given that name because it had clouds wafting in the air. The climate of the mountain is very changeable. When visitors were coming here, they're unable to lift up their voices, otherwise, the rain was instantly just pouring down from the sky.

During the height of the summer and early autumn, from up here we can give a bird's eye view of the wilderness of green world, which could make all the people present be enveloped the endless forests. If you would like to go dabble in the immense forest, climb up by holding onto the ancient trees, lie among the flowers, look at the blue sky, inhale the scent of spring, reach out and embrace those you love, then the beautiful scenery really made us feel fresh.

In late autumn, red autumn leaves were aflame with color. The scent of spring was sending off fragrance. In deep winter, clad in white and presenting a typical north China scene, the mountain looks enchanting. After a heavy snow, the trees and flowers in the mountain were all covered with snow as if they were made of jade. What a beautiful picture of original and wild natural sciences! It's a rare wonder on earth.

Most scenes of the TV play "Red Leaves of Distant Hills" were shot on location. Red leaf of Guangwu Mountain is a significant feature of Nanjiang. There're five characteristics that should always stand out clearly enough to be viewed by visitors. The first is its large area of being large and quite imposing, the scenic spot had the area of about 820 square kilometers, among which the red autumn leaves scenery accounts for about 580 square kilometers.

The second one is its being rich in color and a riot of color. The red leaves are mainly red. Yet the color of red autumn leaves on Guangwu Mountain changed by echelon, featuring largely in blue, yellow, green and reddish-orange color, which is the non-comparable feature among other red leaves appreciating area.

The third is its long production cycle. The fourth is its variety and rich content. The fifth is the high quality and high estate. Guangwu Mountain scenic spot was called the golden area and the red leaves as the gold leaves. 

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