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Attractive Mount Laoding National Forest Park

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Located approximately five kilometers to the northeastern Changzhi City of Shanxi Province, the famous Baigu Mountain running from the south to the north is vulgarly referred to as Laoding Mountain. The mountain itself has dimensions of roughly 40 square kilometers, with forest coverage reaching 70%. Laoding Mountain is made up of five peaks running from the North to the South, thus it's also known as Wuding Mountain. Laoding Mountain is classified as a national forest park in 1993.

It is stated that Emperor Yan, one of the legendary ancestors of the Chinese nation, has moved about in the area of Changzhi. Laoding Mountain tourist resort fits into four categories of scenic sights including animals cultivating aquarium area, forestry scientific expedition and research area, Laoding Mountain scenic belt and Shennong peak sights tourist area.

The grand Laoding Mountain with the altitude of 1,378 meters above sea level is one of the main peaks in the southwestern Taihang Mountains. It's ideal to climb to the Laoding Mountain which commands a broad view of the lofty buildings scattered randomly over the plain and the roads in an orderly manner. As we climbed to the top of the hill, the most beautiful sight of downtown fell under our eye.

Looking out into the unfathomable infinity of the Zhangze reservoir shaped like belt, floating on the horizon, and you could also have a broad view of all the fascinating scenes of the Shangdang Basin. There's one peak formed by the huge natural rock in northeastern Laoding Mountain, standing above the cloud-shrouded peaks, shaped like one male lion crouching. In the southeastern Laoding Mountain, there's one broad sloping surface in the jungle. The huge rocks on the sloping surface are like being artificial arrangement.

Far in the distance likes the ocean billows started, floating on the rippling wavelets, and that is the famous landscape of "Ripples Across Stagnant Water." Situated in the southern region of Laoding Mountain, the upstanding peak had the smooth top, bright and luxuriant in vegetation, and it's called Nan Peak. Situated at the halfway up a hill in the due east of Digu Temple is one cave named Shennong cave.

Story has it that the cave is the place for Shen Nong (The immortal farmer) to test a hundred varieties of herbs. At the mouth of the cave turning westwards is one natural black marble made by digging the rock surface. On the left of the mouth of the cave is one rectangular rocky wall as of being on natural stone board. Outside the cave is one smooth land where the green grass looks like a carpet.

Everywhere outside the cave there is thickly dotted pine and cypress trees. It was very hard to track down the cave if nobody led us through the thick forest. Visiting these caves, one may feel that he is making a tour in a jade palace and the admiration for their ancestors swelled visitors' breasts. Laoding Mountain forest park is like a huge picture scroll unfolded before the people of the world. 

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