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Attractive Nuoshui River in Sichuan

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Located within the boundaries of Tongjiang County on the border between Sichuan and Shanxi, Nuoshui River had occupied the vastness of the land of over 450 square kilometers, at a uniform elevation within a range of 500 to 2088.6 meters above sea level. The major tourist attractions are concentrated on the riverbank of Nuoshui River, Maba Stone Forest and many more.

In addition to the charming scenery and the miraculous altogether different world, this river also boasts a bewitchingly beautiful haven of peace and happiness where is embellished by the wonders of nature and truly an exquisite and beautiful artistic skills. It's the scenic resort and historic site of Nuoshui River with the enthralling sight, located at the foot of the Daba Mountain.

This famous river heads up in the Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province. High and broken summits on both banks of the river stand in the midst of luxuriant trees. From here, one can enjoy an unobstructed view of the river and the surrounding hills. It was beyond question that the cliff stands in great numbers, densely-grown and shadowy woods and the boundless forest is a feast for the eyes.

All these sites like mountains, water, caves and forests are very beautiful, and distinguished by various qualities, especially for the large-scale underground karst cave that is highly praised by many local and foreign geographers and travelers. Hundreds of underground karst caves are facing the clear stream or lying in a perpendicular cliff. These caves are on so gigantic a scale. There's a wide variety of caves of its own uniqueness and personality on the bank of Nuoshui River.

There're lots of major tourist attractions within the scenic spot. Many of the famous scenic sights around the river are harmonious combinations of caves and water that complement and set each other off. The travelers were above all praise by the beauty of the landscape.

The beautifully neighbored Nuoshui River scenic area is the cradle of an abundance of wild animals and plants. Thousands of hectares of forests and mountains decorated the scenic area that could make it become indescribable beauty and as splendid as paradise.

There're steep cliffs and overhanging crags on both banks of the wonderful valley. The water at the bottom of the valley rushes downstream, which could create the grand multiple waterfalls. It is simply never the case that you could list here all the scenic attractions of Nuoshui River. Only when one is present on the spot himself will he could really appreciate the inexhaustible delight it might provide. The birds went round over his head, the water flow under his feet.

The sky-kissing ancient trees of green all the year round added a touch of interest to the valley. The mountain within the scenic spot is different from all others and has something special it. The hill resembles one mass of azalea blooms in spring and summer. Red leaves could be seen everywhere on the mountain at the latter end of the autumn. The place was covered with a blanket of snow in the cold winter. 

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