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Attractive Shengtian Lake in Chongqing

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The beautiful Shengtian Lake is located at the foot of Huaying Mountain within the territory of Jindaoxia Town in Sichuan province. With the altitude of 390 meters tall above sea level, Shengtian Lake as the cradle of the Black Water River is the rare and typical alpine man-made lake on the vast land of Sichuan, also a historic witness that Chinese people can conquer nature.

These unique features have also lent this sanctified scenic spot of Sichuan a romantic and mysterious touch and made sightseeing here more interesting. The area of the lake district accounts for 1.5 square kilometers, the smooth surface of the lake has an area of 0.5 square kilometers. The lake has a depth in the middle of 39 meters. The magnificent lake is shut in by high hills on every side.

As you look at the view, you'll find yourself gazing first at the hazy atmosphere of the mountain and the shimmering light of the lake. It's a view you'll remember for a lifetime. It's the wonderful lake that makes a feature of secluded scenery, greenish water, high waterfall and grotesque rocks.

With the beautiful scenery, Shengtian Lake enjoys the fame as the beautiful Lake of Immortals in Huaying Mountain. There's the Lion Island with luxuriant tree groves, the profound and mysterious Sanyuan Cave, the dam of wonderful workmanship excelling nature on the dyke that stands sharply against the clear sky. On a cloudless night, Shengtian Lake is delusive and illusive as of a fabled abode of immortals.

Shengtian Lake had been initially graded as the municipal-level scenic spot. The Yixiantian Valley region is large bodies of grotesque rocks. The boundless expanse of stones in all their varied shapes and sizes blots out the sky and covers up the earth in an overwhelming manner, with the horizontal and vertical position, abrupt or hanging in the air, irregular and strewn randomly with a unique appeal.

Here visitors could climb up in the stone-cluttered valleys, find the path on the margins of towering cliffs. The scene before your eyes was a gradual series of stones from the level of the road backward into the heart of the valley. Casting glances here and there, you seemed to be striving to find its way. It would be advisable to begin your ascent from the Yixiantian valley as on this route scenic sites are galore, greeting the eye every step of the way from left and right.

According to your own routes, you had barely managed to cross the dangerous pass. If you look at the top, you could only see one huge rock that seems to have sprung from the ground, standing like a sky-kissing pillar. Only you were honestly enamored of the picturesque landscape of lakes and hills, could you feel the visionary awaking, activeness and affirmation, and have a gradual awakening to the magic glamour.

If you take a trip around the incomparably beautiful landscape of Shengtian Lake, only with mind to mind contact, you'll find the high mountains just like a vigorous "huge dragon." The quiet and secluded bay was wonderfully poignant.

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