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Attractive Shenlong Gorge Scenary Spot

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Shenlong Gorge is located within the territory of Nanping Town, Nanchuan District in Chongqing City. Shenlong Gorge drifting and Bananfoying Gorge drifting are both the controllability drifting area in western China. Shenlong Gorge is one of the tourist resorts with unique characteristics. Particularly, the natural scenery and its controllability drifting are of extremely high ornamental and tourist value.

Covering an area of about 20 square kilometers, Shenlong Gorge reserves the richest and most original natural forest. It's considered as one of the most original ecological gorges that is nearest to the main city zone of Chongqing. Shenlong Gorge is dominated mainly by the typical entrenched gorge in characteristic V shape. The great mountain range rose between the two sides, standing bolt upright, majestic and momentous.

The brook meandered through the gorge, the water is as clear as crystal, the fishes are swimming at the bottom of the stream; stray birds of summer pierce the hollow stillness. The artistic conception could be a kind of what leisureliness lingering charm, that is a type of serene and sweet repose. Shenlong Gorge lies to the west of Golden Buddha Mountain as the famous national key scenic spot. It is the typical subtropical humid monsoon climate in the Sichuan Basin, with mildly cold winter and humid summer, no intense heat in summer, frost and snow in winter.

Shenlong Gorge with the obvious feature of the monsoon climate, which could provide many plants like forest trees, bamboo and medicine with highly favorable conditions for growth. The mountains mainly rise over 1,300 meters above sea level. The highest peak of Shenlong Gorge is 1,380 meters above sea level. The nature reserve covers an area of over 30 square kilometers.

Forest-clad mountains and limpid streams complete the scenery of Shenlong Gorge. Here you could view the multiple waterfalls, the peaks rearing high in many different shapes and the luxuriant and immense forest. The air within the gorge is fresh and sweet, and the air was refreshingly cool. Of many waterfalls, the Flying Dragon Waterfall is the largest and most spectacular of its kind among all of these waterfalls. The falls have a drop of over 20 meters.

Staying among them, one cannot but be impressed by the unique creature of nature. When visitors were in the humor they could walk downward the narrow strips of valley bottom, with the dispersed drops of water and myriad of drifting sprays, looked up the Flying Dragon Waterfall, and could feel the poetic world of "Milky Way that falls from the sky."

Within the scenic spot, there're thick forest and dense bamboo, flowing streams and waterfalls, high rising peaks and perpendicular cliffs, the chirping of insects and birds singing. The luxuriant vegetation with rich natural flora on both sides of the gorge is mostly shrubs and bamboo forest, with forest coverage reaching over 90%.

The environment of air in Shenlong Gorge is pure and healthy due to the large amount of negative ion of oxygen in the air which the average content reach about 80,000 per cubic, making it a rare great natural oxygen bar.

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