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Autumn at Mount Huangshan

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After saying goodbye to the mild Spring and hot Summer, we welcome the cool autumn, those beautiful places that have been praised by poets and travelers start to shape out the autumn image, especially if it is not the first time you come.

There is an old saying that scenary at Mount Huangshan is as beautiful and lively as embroidery, it is also a great reason why so many tourists climb up this mountain to appreciate the beauties, the average temperature in Huang Mountain is about 11.7℃.

Autumn at Mount Huangshan is different and splendid, the famous traveler in Ming Dynasty called Xiake Xu used to praised it sugarbush interphase together, colorful and as glorious as embroidery. Climbing up the Jiulong waterfall, supplement your strength with the natural kiwifruit on the way, as long as you hear the loud water flowing voices, you are nearly come close to the waterfall which is as strong and splendid as a dragon, it is so exciting that for the rest journey, you will not feel tough any longer. Staying on the phoenix origin, the natural pure scenary and phoenix stone far away integrate into a marvel and unique image; climbing up to light top, only appreciating the arising sun and wondrous pipes can you understand the real meaning of would not like to go Yue Mountain after coming back from Mount Huangshan.

Tips for Autumn Traveling

1. Sept. And Oct. Are two tourism peak months of Huang mountain, tourists are getting fewer and fewer after these these two months, which is also a good time for traveling.

2. Temperature gap there is large, bring some clothes to keep you warm, be careful in case of getting cold.

3.  There are many scenic spots in Huangshan, if you travel alone, i recommend you come with a tour guide, which will be much safer.

4. In general, it takes two days to travel Huang Mountain around, food and accommodations in the mountain are expensive and with poor living conditions, you’d better bring you some food to keep your body strong.

5. Rule in Huang Mountain is do not walk while appreciate the scenary; do no look around while walking, keep safe in the mountain, do not step back when taking photos, in case of falling down the cliff.

6. Wear loose and comfortable clothes and keep warm, choose the climbing shoes or other sport shoes, leave high heels, slippers or dress shoes alone. Prepare you a stick in case of unsufficient strength, move your body a little forward and walk ahead evenly.

It must be a different experience for climbing up to Huang Mountain, how dramatic if leaving one stair by stair behind as if you are heading to the heaven, don’t be hesitate any more, come and find a different.

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