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Bai Wedding Culture

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The Yunnan province has a lot of ancient Chinese building, culture, food and has gorgeous scenery also. Panda (my nick name) would like to show some ancient Chinese culture -"Wedding Of Bai Nationality" for you all today.

Bai Wedding is not like west wedding at all. Someone says you could taste some excellent special Bai Nationality food and watch an interesting folk dance show, also would wear fabulous national wedding costume for fun (if you are lucky enough).

In Bai Nationality, if a man wants to marry a girl, he must offer very expensive bride-price to the girl’s family, it would replace by cash in nowadays. And the man side still needs to spend a lot money on the wedding. The bridegroom needs to build a shelter for all people in the village of the night before the wedding night, after that he will invite some excellent singers and dancers of the village to have a great folk dance show at that night for all people, this show will end around 24:00 to 2:00 of the big day. And of course, you will taste a lot of spacial native food also.

In the morning of the big day, the bridegroom will visit the bride home with some bestman. The bride’s relatives have prepared a lot questions for the bridegroom at the same time, therefore, the bridegroom needs to prepare well also here.

After the bridegroom arrived the bride’s home, there are 4 or 6 little boys will serve the sweet tea, bitter tea and sugar tea to the bride one by one. And the bridegroom will drink a toast to every one of the bride’s family. The bridegroom needs to send the bride-price to the bride's family this day also.

After this, the bride could go to the bridegroom’s home. The bestman and bridesmaid scatter the flowers for the bride and bridegroom, and the bridesmaid will pinch the bride to bless her on the way home. These are the traditional custom of the Bai nationality. When arriving to the bridegroom’s house, the bridegroom’s brother who has the same age needs to back up the bride to the bridal chamber.

According to the traditional custom, the bridal chamber needs to have a fire. And they need to fire the red chili powder up when the bride is coming to the bridal chamber. The fire thing stands for sweet wedding and fortune to the new couple.

Then the new couple needs to thank heaven and their parents together on the wedding night, after that the bridegroom will introduce all relative to the bride. In china, the young couple has two moms and daddy, the bride will treat the bridegroom’s mother like her real mother, so do the bridegroom. After this ceremony, the next chapter is Teasing the Newlyweds. The bride needs to share some snack to these people who came in until the middle night.

Anyway Bai Wedding has its own wedding custom. Don't miss this wedding culture, if you were traveling in any place of the Yunnan province.

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