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Baihua Lake with a Rustic Charm

 2014-05-07    Young    Sights    Guizhou    2027  

The Baihua Lake on the northwestern outskirts of Guiyang City in Guizhou Province is located between Zhuchang Village and Baihua Lake Township. It is 22 kilometers away from the city proper. The tourist resort accounts for a total area of 83 square kilometers, among which the lake and islands are 4.5 square kilometers in size. Islands are scattered in the middle of the lake like stars in the sky.

They are interspersed among the large bodies of water. The nearby water-beautiful scenery could set against the background of faraway mountains embracing the sinking sun harmoniously converged to enhance the boundless joy of the visitors.

The Baihua Lake is famous throughout the world for its many lake branches and islands. It commands a view on a clear day of the seascape all around, the islands in the distance as well as the blue water nearby, which looks somewhat distinctive and pleasing quality of the countryside south of the Yangtze River.

The best time for appreciating the scenic site is the spring season. At that time of the year, flowers of all sorts here are blooming in a riot of color, and from which the lake takes its name as the Baihua Lake. With beautiful landscape of lakes and hills and natural karst landscape as its principal part, the Baihua Lake also has a perfect combination of pure water, mystic crags and grotesque caves.

A string of isolated peaks and low islands in the lake district has classified the lake into North Lake, South Lake and Middle Lake. The South Lake is in a long narrow shape, with a succession of picturesque cragged peaks; the Middle Lake is quite broad with vast expanses of water; the North Lake is blessed with many islands. The water in the whole lake is quite clear and smooth. There're sublime mountains surrounding the lake, which forms the multi-level appearance since that behind a mountain there are always other mountains.

In the Baihua Lake flowers vie with each other in beauty, which a multitude of flowers-roses, crab apple and crape myrtles, irisesfilled the air with fragrance. A hundred of birds in the sky hover circled high overhead. The delight in the stockade villages and amusement in the open space constitutes a natural, graceful and beautiful picture of water, islands and constructions. Dense forest, blue grassland, green hills and clear waters all contribute to make the Baihua Lake become the queen of summer resorts in deed as well as in name.

There're numerous beautiful scenic spots in the lake, among which the bird island is the most precious one. Whenever the winter and spring are coming, a hundred birds with nimble natural abilities would swan over the lake, which would without doubt add infinite joy to the scenery. The lake, in its quiet manner, has a rustic charm of its own. To outlying islands where families live on bright and wooden boats is rich in poetic and artistic conception. It would be a wonderful experience to visit the lake with the boat floating on the river! 

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