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Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve

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Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is situated within the boundaries of Wenxian County and Wudou County, Gansu Province. The whole preservation zone itself has dimensions of roughly 213,750 hectares. Currently, the national-level rare and endangered species of flora and fauna like the giant panda and forest ecosystems had been listed as a key protection species. Situated on the brink of the Minshan mountains range, its highest peak rises 3,530 meters above sea-level.

Many visitors would be struck by the boldness and abruptness of the scenery. The beautiful scenery of Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve in a mist looks so charming and graceful. In addition, the preservation zone is located in the transitional belt between the northern sub-tropical zone and warm temperate zone, so that the plant resources here are rich and various, which makes great potentialities exist in the development of forest travel.

The luxuriant vegetation has remarkable vertical zoning. The preservation zone boasts agreeable weather and beautiful scenery, in a land of assembled distinguished people and stunning sceneries. Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is marked by a distinguishing feature of the jade green lush and green mountain forest, with the greatest diversity of animal and plant life.

Deeply affected by the monsoon from the southeast, the summer in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is extremely moist and rainy, and the air was heavy and sticky with tropic moisture. It is in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with fertile land and abundant natural resources. There are abundance wilding plant resources. The strength of Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve to develop ecotourism is environment, plants and wildlife.

A vast territory, special geographical conditions and various climates do contribute positively to offer the special are rich natural resources, such as water, forest, animals, plants and tourism. Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is the home of an abundance of wildlife. Located in the transitional region between the two kinds of climates and offering outstanding scenery, the nature reserve is exceptionally rich in plant as well as mammal species. The complicated and diversified terrains and landforms along with the special type of ecological system have created a genuine paradise for biodiversity that melts the nature and the ecology.

The major feature of flora in the Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is rich plant species, a great deal of ancient and relict plants, the complex and widely linked geographical elements, and rich endemic species. There exist beautiful scenery and completely natural environment in Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve at the state level. Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is one of the most typical biodiversity regions in our country. It is an extremely critical gene pool for the biodiversity of the globe. The complex and diverse wild lives are of high botanical interest as well as extremely high ornamental and tourist value.

The establishment of nature reserves has put quantities of rare and endangered species under effective protection. The closer you stay to the preserve zone, the more you will appreciate her beauty. Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve had also seized the unique opportunity to assume her mildest and most captivating form. 

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