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Bama Village of Longevity

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Bama is located in southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a beautiful and peaceful village. The landscape here could have been lifted directly from a classical Chinese scroll painting. Apart from its charming sceneries, what makes it so famous is that the longevity of residents here.

Bama is one of the five locations where people live much longer than the average in the world. It has the highest number of old people among them. The number of centenarians is also 200 times higher than the world standard of longevity. It becomes a new hot place for people seeking the secrets of long life especially among those old people who wants to prolong their lives after retirement.

I recently went there with a local tour from Nanning. I paid 600 Yuan for a 2 days trip. This includes all transport, tickets for attractions, one night’s stay, lunch, dinner and breakfast for the following morning. The bus ride took about 4 hours from Nanning city centre. Although the road is quite bumpy, I enjoyed the views along the journey.

Bama is a picturesque village nestling under soaring limestone cliffs. The air is so fresh here. I can see villagers walk to their fields. Even old people work in the fields. I spoke to some centenarians. They all look healthy and alert. One 101 old lady even giggled like a young girl. I started to know there is a tradition here for people to prepare coffins when their seniors reach 60. Some of them must prepare for more than one as the first one rotted after more than 40 years.

When I asked them of their secrets of great age. All feel it is no wonder at all. According to historical records, there was a resident called Lanxiang who lived 145 in Qing Dynasty. Emperor Jiaqing wrote to congratulate on his 142 birthday. There is a universal phenomenon here that all old people look much younger than their age. 80’s look like 60’s, centenarians look like 80’s. Not only villagers live healthily, they die without disease. No one suffers cancer or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases here.

Obviously hard work and a simple life contribute to their longevity. Hiding in the remote valley, life here is tough, but simple. Every one of the villagers must work in the fields. Their diet is simple. Inhabitants in this region consume fewer calories , and their food contains less fat, animal proteins, salt and sugar. Their diet also includes large amounts of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Recently, a food which is being considered a “super food” due to it being rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 is hemp seed, which is something that the villagers of Bama eat a lot every day.

Of course, the high-intensity magnetic fields, fresh air and good quality of spring water all seems important elements to their longevity.
As Bama's longevity has been well known through the internet and TV, it has become more popular for China's senior citizens in search of a place to expand their lives or cure disease. During my 2 days visit here, I met lots of people came here on this purpose.

Bama, could it be a paradise for people to seek longevity?

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