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Baofeng Lake - One of Nature‘s Masterpieces

 2014-03-25    Young    Sights    Zhangjiajie    4433  

Although situated at the core of the Suoxiyu Scenic Area in the south of Suoxiyu Town of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province. Artificial Baofeng Lake is richly endowed by nature, deserving fully the name "The Classical Lake in the World". History of long standing and beautiful scenery makes Baofeng Lake become a most valuable world natural legacy. They are common rarities.

Baofeng Lake is a large scenic tourist area where natural mountains and waters landscape, simple and honorable folk custom have been unitized. Particularly the scenic masterpiece like a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges. There was a liberal allowance of pretty Baofeng waterfalls. Waterfalls in Baofeng Lake have a drop of 3,000 feet. The mysterious ancient temple is as a rule tucked away deep in the wooded mountains.

At the Baofeng Lake scenic area, visitors could drink in to their heart's content in the full beauty of natural scenery, with the smooth lake, blue waters, cascading Baofeng waterfalls and ancient temple. In the area mountains with high crag or peak could rise steeply and rivers crisscross. When you ascended the heights, facing the boundless sky, to watch that great scene of rebirth as together water, life and rock come in the twinkling of an eye to the human world.

On both banks of the stream wandered a countless multitude. In the burnished mirror of the lake, the reflection of the trees and sky are counterfeited so brightly and so clearly. The quiet and elegant lake in poetic and artistic conception is so enchanting as to make us forget to return. Baofeng Lake is one picturesque tourist center on the earth and a human fairyland with the best living environment. In the serenely limpid waters of the lake, fish that are playfully darting about are quite legible. The scene is suggestive of poetry and painting and is definitely well-worth exploring.

Visitors steer their boat on a river as fascinated with the beautiful surrounding landscape. The girl's face and the peach flowers set each other's glow off. It was indeed that on Baofeng Lake one is greeted by gorgeous flowers and beautiful sights every step of the way. Baofeng Lake possesses the breathtaking beauty of nature that commands admiration, which had formed a silent and elegant, easy space in noising business activity and made you enjoy silent and clear atmosphere to the heart's content.

Perhaps it is the desire for solitude or the chance of making view finding for many TV plays. Especially when illumined by multi-colored lights, the cave does really look like a bejeweled world whose brilliant display of color and light makes one gape. Its strategic location and pretty unapproachable feature have made it a perfect place entrenched in by gangsters since ancient times. When one climbs to the top of hills or mountains to look far into the distance, one would surely command a view on a clear day of the whole magnificent and beautiful Wulingyuan landscape. The stunning landscape on both sides of the river is now readily accessible to travelers.

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