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Basha Village of Miao People

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Basha Village of the Miao People is located in the south of Congjiang county, Guizhou province. Situated on the 550 meters high hillside, there are only 2,000 people living inside the village today. Wrapped with thick forests, it still keeps good reserve of traditional custom such as clothing and eating habits. Today visiting Congjiang has been made so much more convenient with the brand new Guiguang High-speed Railway




Legend has it that the ancestor of Miao, also known as the Chiyou, got three sons, and Basha people is the descendent of the third son. When Chiyou was defeated by the Emperor Huang, he led the tribe and marched to the southwest. Basha guys like to solve problems in the hard way, so they always wear a knife on the waist, with fire gun on the shoulders, hunting and fishing, very much like ancient warriors. Each one of them is extremely good at climbing hills and hunting, walking across the valley. Therefore Basha village is also called “The Last Gunman Tribe under the Sun.”




The hair buns of Basha people symbolize growing trees on the mountain and their beautiful cyan-colored clothes symbolizes the bark of the tree. They think the reason why they could have such an amazing  living environment is that their ancestors picked a treasure land. Hence Basha people show great respect for trees and they worship trees like creatures with spirits.



Every boy in Basha village must have an adult ceremony during 7 to 15 years old. On that special day, the boy would invite some of his friends around his age then go shooting birds in the forests and hunt fish in mountain streams. The more prey he gets, the better he would turn out to be in the future. After the hunting, an adult guy would shave his head  according to the traditional ritual, meaning his life as an independence man has begun.




Travel Tip: 

There is a famous saying about the weather in Guizhou province, you can’t see the sun in three days in a row. And Basha proves that saying very well, umbrella is a must-have if you want to travel here, especially during May and June.  The rest are sun glasses and UV-proof cream, as well as a pair of running shoes.




Courting with songs has been a  traditional custom in Basha village.  Every year in spring and  autumn, girls and boys would go to the crop field and start the unique  ritual called “Nao Guniang”.  A boy could hold several girls in the arms at the same time, and the girl wouldn’t say no at all. Everyone is enjoying at the moment. The girl held by boys the most is thought to be charming and attractive. Joyful laughters are filling the air.

Not only the interesting customs and culture, this is also a paradise for food lovers. Many of the festivals in the village have something to do with the food. Fish, duck, chicken, pig, all the materials are cooked in the traditional way, leaving a great treat for the taste bud.

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