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Bathing in Nanxi Hot Spring

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If there is one resort that you should never miss in Ninghai, it is Nanxi Hot Spring. Nanxi Hot Spring in Ninghai is one of the three famous hot springs in China. Located on the Tianming Mountain northwest of the Ninghai County, it is surrounded by the well-known Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain. It has green mountain and water with luxuriant woods and rippling stream all the year around.

Located in a forest park, the water quality there is regarded as among the top three best hot springs in China, along with the Huitang Hot Spring in Hunan Province and Yu Hot Spring in Guangdong Province. The area produces huge amount of geothermal water, which contains rich microelements and mineral substances that are healthy for the human body. The verdant forests will create a huge natural oxygen bar. To roam within, you can find yourself part of Nature. The summer here, whose temperature is 3-5℃ lower than that of Hangzhou and Ningbo, is a tourist, summer, recuperation, vacation and leisure resort unwonted in East China. The water temperature is 49. 5°C , and there are full of more than 20 kinds of mineral substances and microelements which are of great benefit to the health.

It is reputed as “No.1 Forest Hot Spring in East China”. According to the mensuration, geothermal water in this area is not only plentiful with moderate temperature, but also clean, transparent and of high grade, containing several trace elements. After people take a bath in the hot spring, they will have their skin moisturized and feel refreshed. As known to most people, bathing in hot spring also has remarkable curative effects for diseases, such as all kinds of skin diseases, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases regarding the nerves and digestion. Bathing in the spring can make you feel smooth and comfortable all over, and can totally make you revive.

Apart from the hot spring bath, taking a walk in the forest park is also pleasant. Imagine this, abundant wood, fresh air, soft sunshine… all those beautiful things are combined perfectly here.

In ancient times, the area was a key transportation line, so several historical relics have been left in the forest. An ancient bridge, ponds, pavilions, rockeries and caves are all waiting to be explored. Besides, the whole forest park is a natural oxygen bar, where about 6,600 square kilometers of plants are so lush that they almost completely cover the sky. Ninghai’s local government at one time sealed the mountain for 50 years to cultivate a natural forest park, making the place a tourism resort that focuses on health care and a green lifestyle.

Ninghai is seldom packed with tourists like Hangzhou and Suzhou, and that allows visitors to slow down and take their time. Around the city there are natural canyon resorts, hot springs and ancient towns that are full of stories from the past millennium. And the seafood is almost always delicious. You may have fun there if you love the slow pace there.

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