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Be Closer to Heaven

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 Do you want to be much more close to the heaven? Then please pack up your luggage, let's go to the world's a highest plateau--Tibet Plateau.When you enter the highland, you can feel that the azure blue sky is closer, the fresh air is thinner and the religious atmosphere becomes stronger and stronger.

The religious atmosphere is from the famous palace--the Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is located in the northwest of Red Mountain in Lasa,the capital of Tibet. It is a large-scale castle-style building with 13 floors and 110 meters tall, 3750 meters above sea horizon. The whole building occupied over 100,000 square meters and the steps of the palace are leaned to Red mountain from foot to peak. From 10 miles away you can see the great building. This antique castle is not only famous of its remarkable construction, but for its valuable culture relic. It is both the essence of architecture and a treasure house. Currently, it has been already listed in the World Culture Heritage.


The whole building is divided into two palaces, the white palace and the red palace. The white palace is a living place for Dalai Lama, high priest of Tibet. There are various halls and gallery with delicate furniture and Buddha murals were carved by capable artists in the walls. The red palace is for worshiping all kinds of buddha statues. The Pudala Palace is the center of religious and political power. Long time ago, in every festival or special days, Buddhists of all nationalities come here to pray. Thus, the palace becomes a famous Buddhist shrine. The selomn and great building is charming and obesessive.


May be you think that in the plateau is full of dry air and sand flying in everywhere. The Ranwu Lake in Tibet will surprise you, because the phenomenal natural scenery is beyond your imagination. One side of the lake is full of rich green glasses and trees while the other side is an ice mountain. Have you ever saw this kind of lake.

Ranwu lake is located in Changdou district of Basu county, about 90km away from the white house town. The acreage of the lake is 22 square meters, and 3850 meters higher than the sea horizon. A tale said that there was a buffalo in the water and cattle on the bank, they conflicted with each other till dead and then their carcasses became two big mountains, at last the lake formed between these mountains. Actually, it is a dammed lake and formed by landslide and debris flow.


The southwest side of the lake Duty, ga snow mountain , south side is Aza gong glaciers, northeast side is Boxoila Ridge. The iceberg beside the lake is the source of the water. The quietness and blueness of it is known by all of us. The water in this lake is clean and clear, just like a bright mirror. And you can see four seasons in such a small place. A large green soft grass, a blue lake surface, yellow leaves, white snow mountain, it likes you are in a poet or a picture. Magic, that is the possible explanation. You will lose your mind here. It is a dreaming place to pure your mind.


If you are tired of the modern city, which is full of cacophony, and high speed life pace, please do not forget Tibet-- the tranquil and pious place for you to eliminate tiredness and pure your mind. And then you will feel you are really closer to the heaven.

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