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Beautiful Bamei Town on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway

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It is said that the most attractive landscapes of Sichuan are to be found along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Travel along the highway, you will find the reputed Xinduqiao, Kangba area, Tagon, Daocheng, Yading, and many other destinations that have the most fascinating scenery, mysterious culture and unique customs. Bamei Town may be not famous as those mentioned places, but it has the most alluring scenery in my eyes.

Bamei Town is situated in southeast of Daofu County of Garz Qiang and Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, with the Sichuan-Tibet Highway passing through it. It locates in the southeast edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and has an average altitude of 3,500 meters. Since ancient times, Bamei has been an important post in the Sichuan-Tibet tea and horse road and is an important gateway to Tibet.

At Bamei Town, you will enjoy the splendid views of stone forest in different shapes and postures, the vast stretched meadows and grassland, the winding and towering snow mountains and unique Tibetan villages and folk houses. Also there are pagodas and temples, the dazzling red beach, primitive forests and local pristine habitants and their cultures, all these get to bring you an unforgettable experience of extraordinary and unique scenery.

When you enter the Bamei Town, what comes first to your eyes is the spectacular of pagoda forest in Bamei. There are numerous pagodas of different sizes standing there alongside the national way, seems solemnly but also gently. They are all in white colors, with magnificent shapes and artistic beauty of architecture to be admired.

While among these pagodas, what stands out should be the large prayer wheel. This is the largest prayer wheel in the world. There are many pilgrims going around this prayer wheel in circles to do prayers. It is said 100,000 circles around the prayer wheel is a complete prayer. But no one knows how many 100,000 circles they have completed for what they have believed in, we all know that is what called piety.

Then when you walk deep into the Bamei, you will see the gorgeous scenery of soil stone forest in Bamei Town. The magnificence of this soil stone forest is as beautiful as the karst stone forest in South China, but it has its own uniqueness. From far away, the soil stone forests resemble numerous towering pagodas. While when getting close, you will find they are with their special shapes and postures. Because of the wind and weather conditions, these soil stones are changeable in color in different seasons. They are in light gray and light blue in dry seasons, but are in pale ink colors in wet seasons. Whatever their colors and shapes are, these soil stone forests are splendors setting with the vast grassland, towering snow mountains and the charming Tibetan houses.

The distant mystery snow mountains, forests and meadows, the nearby Tibetan villages and fields, or a field of bright rape flowers in summer, a colorful world of golden trees in autumn, this is idyllic world with magnificent and pristine scenery to enjoy in Bamei Town.

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