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Beautiful Danba

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Danba means “a town of the cliff” in Tibetan. It is a county of the eastern Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan Province, China, stretches along a valley of Dadu River. Danba is famous as the most beautiful countries of China, attracting many visitors not only for her incomparable pure landscape but also for the special folk customs and her full of mysterious history.
When you decided to visit Danba, a beautiful country is strongly recommended, that is Jiaju Tibetan village. Jiaju Tibetan village is a wonderful place with lots of snowy mountains, green grasslands, colorful flowers, and clear rivers surrounded.

Due to the special geological formation of the country, Jiaju Tibetan village is not like other usual countries. The house of Jiaju Tibetan village looks very unique which are formed with generally three or four layers. Every layer has its different function. For example, the first layer usually uses for rising cattle. The second layer which has hall and rooms can be used as the dining room. When the guests come, the hospitable hosts can entertain them in the second layer. They also provide accommodation for the guest in the second layer. The third layer is commonly used for the host themselves. This kind of house called Diaolou.

Jiaju Tibetan village have formed a Diaolou housing style village. The shape and the characteristic of Diaolou which mixed different style architectures, located in the hillside. The houses are really good looking between the green mountains. The architecture of Diaolou is simple and elegant, which painted with yellow, black and white color, form a major feature of Jiaju Tibetan village.

But why Jiaju Tibetan village has such houses? It originated from the ancient times, when these special houses were used to resist the enemies. In the history of war, these Diaolou style houses played a very important role. Diaolou made enemies so difficult to attack for their special design.
Danba is also known as the “beautiful valley”.  The women in Danba not like other district of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, women here look white and beautiful, most of them are full of talent and elegance, slender and charming. They are also pure and natural, are very good at singing and dancing. They are hard-working and gentle. So for a lot of young men, they are their dream wives.

Today, you can choose to live in their special house-Diaolou as a family hotel. The price for living in Tibetan people family hotel is economical. The Tibetans who live in Jiaju Tibetan village are very simple and hospitable. When the guests come to their home, they always very welcome. They will take out their self-making highland barley wine- one very good-taste wine only produce in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They also cook plenty of delicious foods. The foods are usually made by the beauty of Danba. In the night, a campfire is made. Hosts and guests are both singing and dancing round the campfire, while eating the delicious food, drinking the good wine.

Danba is as one of the most beautiful countries of China, you will never know how a village can be so amazing only when you have chance to visitor her.

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