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Beautiful Fangji Island in Guangdong

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Fangji Island originally named as Wanzhou Island is located Bohe township of Maoming city in Guangdong province. Fangji Island has the reputation of being the Hawaii of the East, which is also the largest island in Maoming city. Fangji Island boasts elegant natural scenery, wonderful and colorful natural environmental feature, is an ideal resort for touring and summer.


Fangji Island is blessed with green hills and clear waters, there are beautiful natural scenes with wonderful stones and dense forest, there are honest and kindhearted people too. There're also some sublime mountains and splendid sea. Fangji Island had become the new light spot of the western Guangdong tourism, which is praised to be a bright tourist pearl of the South China Sea.


Fangji Island is the comprehensive tourist area that has gathered together the seaside ecological tourism, leisure vacation, business meeting and amusement on the sea merging into one organic whole. The place is blessed with the unique sea island resources that could organically be complementary to each other with the cultural sights, which had become the unique and brighten landscape of sea island tourism.


People could without doubt derive greater pleasure from rambling in the place with natural ecological natural scenery from one scenic sight to another. Fangji Island has the gorgeous scenery and colorful stone landscape, with the sandy beach, caves, rocks, woods, sunlight and seawater. The northeast coast of the island is being washed by the wind and waves for many years, the rocks tower around the island in their infinite variety of forms.


From far away, the blue sky is mirrored in the blue sea, forming one integrated mass, with a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. From nearby, all are the huge and precipitous rocks, with the waves thundering upon the shore and foam piling up a thousand drifts of snow. There's one cock's-head rock standing on the slanting stone foundation along the coast, as of one old people who devoted himself entirely to music listening to the charm of the sea.


The bay is shaped like the rising crescent moon on the north of the island, with the gentle slope, the white soft sand and soft sea waves, which are the rare seawater bathing beach. The scenery on the due east and the southern shore is far better to the other parts, which is a brilliant condensation of sightseeing and visiting a scenic spot on Fangji Island.


The southeastern coast of the island faces the vast South sea with a roar as of crashing thunderbolts and the assault of waves with the perpendicular cliff all year round. The island was covered with the wonderful stones and grotesque rocks. The landscape is very vivid and colorful, true to life.


A growing number of people from the world are attracted by its unique human landscape, as well as the city bullfight, the aquarium, plants specimen center and the coral reef sightseeing area, which had became the most favorable underground water area on the coastal area of Guangdong and the largest angling area in the whole country.    

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