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Beautiful Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot

 2014-08-21    Young    Sights    Jingdezhen    2055  

The famous Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot is about 50 kilometers from downtown of Jingdezhen City. It is a pleasant ecological tourist stage that gathers tour and sightseeing, recreation and health preserving, business and vacation functions into one coherent system. In the region of Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot, there are rich tourism resources including majestic natural scenery, historical relics and superior ecological environment.

For example, the Hongyan Fairyland of extraordinary workmanship of nature serve as four uniqueness of water-eroded cave. The world-famous Stone Forest is blessed with the sweet scent of orange osmanthus and peculiar pieces of stone. The leaping fountain with sprays of water throughout the year was built in the 26 year of the Ming Emperor Wanli.

Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot has attracted more and more tourists from both home and abroad with its unique natural views, the deep accumulation of historical human culture, high quality tourism resources and three-dimensional traffic versatile. The natural and cultural tourism resources of the surrounding Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot are rich and characteristic, having great development potency.

Hongyan Fairyland Scenic Spot was the heavenly tea-pot limestone karst cave of the Mesozoic era 100 million years ago. The cave is usually found a glorious array of fantastic stalagmites and stalactites and other interesting rock formations including huge stone pillars and flowers. The finely divided stalagmites of the natural intrinsic quality are too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. The stalagmites in their infinite variety of forms impress one with their prodigious workmanship.

A leisurely walk down this path inside the cave would without doubt reward the travelers with solitude and spectacular scenery. There are inhabiting and breeding sites of primitive human beings, spectacular stone forest as beautiful as a painting, the ageless splendor of Songmo Pavilion, the inviting rocks and many more.

Karst cave at the top of the mountain was formed by a shifting or dislodging of the earth's crust during the Palaeozoic Era, more than 300 million years ago. The mountaintop with peculiar pieces of stone has many marvelous flowers and rare plants dotted around it here and there. The pleasantness of the place tempts all of the visitors. The scenic spot with the thick forest as the tides is so vivid that tourists feel as if they were right on the scene, touching on dreamlike places.

Those old tree and famous wood species spread throughout the thousand acres of the picturesque stone forest. This the dense forest with exotic trees and flowers is the haunt of rare and precious birds and animals. Wild blossoming flowers are widespread everywhere; the birds sing merrily among the forests.

Staying among them, the scenery of the dense forest and running streams, overwhelming vigor, which makes people experience the boundless imagination and live in a kind of dream world. When you climbed up the Guangming Peak, you could an unobstructed view of the azure immensity of the endless forests that stretched as far as they could see on all sides. And the mountain peaks fading in and out and the divine charms of rural landscapes fell under your eyes. 

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