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Beautiful Jinhai Lake of Beijing

 2014-09-22    Young    Sights    Beijing    2569  

Jinhai Lake is located about 15 kilometers east of the Pinggu District of Beijing, the water surface accounts for 6.5 square kilometers. Jinhai Lake is now the municipal-level scenic resort and historic site, the municipal tourist holiday zone and national grade AAAA tourism scenic spot. Jinhai Lake is surrounded on three sides by mountain. The lake is just an area of exceptional natural beauty and overlapping steep peaks. 


The unparalleled beauty of Jinhai Lake had the spring wind that caresses the cheeks. The place with a carpet of green grass, bright and warm sunshine is really restful to the spirit, in the effervescent spirits and youthful vigor. Blessed with its infinite charm of man and nature in harmonious coexistence, Jinhai Lake as the largest synthetic aquatic amusement places in Beijing could be the vibrant destination and the perfect place to simply arrive, relax and unwind. 

Jinhai Lake is the best aquatic playground and the tourist attraction and holiday resort that have gathered water amusement, trained performance, guest room and dining merging into one organic whole. The adventurous and exciting on-water amusement was amply provisioned, vivid and living. Jinhai Lake with the spacious waters and vast expanses of water could be the ideal place to carry out the water sports amusements. 


On three sides, it is sheltered by mountains, with open and flat land only to the south. In the west of Jinhai Lake, there's one dam with the total length of 1500 meters, eight meters wide and about 20 meters height. There's the long corridor imitating ancient style above the dam. Whatever scorching sun overhead or light misting rain, the beauty spot could always offer the best angle for people to enjoy the beauty of a smooth lake rising in the narrow gorges and a far-reaching blue lake. 

Standing on the large dam and looking east, one could see the lake with a vast expanse of misty waters. Further north was Dajin Mountain standing sharp against the clear sky. You could have a good bird's-eye view of the broad flat land and the fields farmhouses from the west. It could be quite delightful to view the beautiful landscape before us and be away from the immense metropolis. 


The smooth surface of the lake, picturesque landscape and the subtle interplay of visitors are like the outside fairyland. The lively and colorful wild flowers, the sparkling shadows of clouds and the picturesque surroundings were still visible. There're many amusement activities including the campfire party, fireworks display, angling by the lake side and picnicking by the lake would make people relieve stress and tension. 

For the office workers who lived in modern metropolises for a long time, the scenic spot could be the best relaxing way for people to come back to the arms of nature and test their own possessed capabilities when they meet the various challenges coming from nature. The water playing-field in Jinhai Lake could be the ideal harbor for visitors to drag themselves out of the metropolis, return to nature and enjoy leisure and entertainment.

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