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Beautiful Lianyungang Yuwan Scenic Spot

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Yuwan is located at the southeast of Yuntai Mountain in Lianyungang City in Jiangsu Province, about 20 kilometers away from the city proper, which has the same kind of being ethereal as the small Penglai Fairyland. Yuwan with wonderful and rare natural scenery is composed of the waterfall, towering cliffs and grotesque rocks. It is praised to be the "Zhangjiajie scenic spot in Jiangsu" by visitors because of its natural purity, simple and precipitous feature.

Yuwan is only one island that Yuntai Mountain ranges is out a distance to the sea about two hundred years ago, with the fishing ports anchored occasionally. Yuwan was used to be the harbor in the small fishing village. Later the sea water goes back towards the east. The foot of the mountain has been changed into stretches of fertile fields. The place is quiet with few people, with natural environment being suffered few destruction.

With simple and honest folkway and being charming in its pastoral setting, the site was very pleasing to the visitors. One of the most fantastic things about Lianyungang Yuwan scenic spot as the Lianyungang tourist spot is its constant flow of water all the year around, the hanging waterfalls at all seasons. The bewitchingly beautiful scene like the mountain stream, deep caves, waterfalls and forest is a magnet for visitors.

Among which Laolongtan Waterfall was the largest all over the province, with a fall of 40 meters and creating a thundering noise when it just strikes the rocks and water in the process. When tourists come to the Laolongtan Waterfall, they naturally will shout at the pretty rainbows within an arm's reach that would arc down to the earth, seeming never very far away.

As the waterfall charged past the sharp-edged rock, foam likes chips of jade scattered wildly. Situated halfway up the hill is the more wonderful Canglong Cave where could hold dozens of people at a time. There's one ever-flowing curtain of water hanging on the door of the cave. The curtain of water shadowed the whole mouth of the cave densely after rain, which is nearly the same the Water Curtain Cave described in the "Journey to the West."

Despite the fact that the cave didn't lead to Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea, you could still worm out through the outlet and go towards the new scenic sight. Standing at the "Guanhong Pavilion" near the door of the cave to see in the distance, one could also view the large rainbow reflected in Laolongtan Waterfall. The waterfall view was stupendous.

Yuwan is very well-known for its water; you could even have to expect the unexpected during the trip after the rainfall. The Lianyungang Yuwan with wondrous beauty had been reputed as "Zhangjiajie in Northern Jiangsu." Lianyungang Yuwan scenic spot is such one tourist area that focuses on natural scenes.

Within the scenic beauty of natural scenery, the unique mountain brooks landscape, the cascading waterfalls and running springs, the overhanging jagged rock, deep and serene gorge, there're lots of naturally-formed enchanting sceneries with much beauty to be enjoyed. 

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