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Beautiful Lingqiu Hanging Prairie

 2014-08-14    Young    Sights    Shanxi    1661  

The well-known Lingqiu Hanging Prairie also known as the Great Hanging Prairie is located to the southeast of Diaoquan village, Liuke Township in Lingqiu County. It's the narrow oblong place from east to west and a wide stretch of land from south to north. There's a monstrous mountaintop with the altitude of 2,159 meters above sea level.

All around it is the rugged steeps of the mountains; its top is the large flat area that accounts for an area of some 30,000 hectares. When you came to a point where there was no more road to follow, and you could see nothing but the wide grass-covered plains as far as the eye could see, and that it was no more than Dianziliang, and is now known as Hanging Prairie. Beneath you were a rich stretch of prairie, verdant with grass and lovely with foliage and flowers.

Sturdy steeds gallop on the grasslands, carefree and at liberty. The grassland stretches beneath the firmament tranquil. The boundless grassland lies the vast plain beneath the blue sky where clusters of white clouds were banked up. Over this immensity, the vast clear sky curved like a frescoed ceiling, where flotillas of flimsy white clouds floated on separate winds.

Here you could enjoy an unobstructed view of the far horizons and the wide blue sky. The broad and level prairie grass was very beautiful, interlaced with flowers during the spring time, and so tall that a man on foot could not see over it. The sweltering summer gains numerous poetic and picturesque scenes thanks to green. Here you could still feel comfortably cool even in a tropical climate.

The long and hot summer had left the carpets of wild flowers and thick green vegetation that vary according to every season. Standing on the grassland, you can see gorgeous flowers blanketing hill and dale. It was a pleasant fertile spot and rich in pasture. A flock of sheep ranged over the grassland in search of pasture. In autumn, the crystal clear and boundless sky is as blue as the calm sea.

The expanse of verdant grass resembled a pleasant mat. It is an admirable place to come to for escaping from the uproarious modern city and embracing the nature. The Lingqiu Hanging Prairie endowed with good pasture and excellent ecological environment will bring you the most striking scenic spot which is close to nature. On that high grassland, the refreshingly cool breeze is swaying the blue-green seas and the smooth flower wave.

The fleecy white clouds in the vast clear skies were floating on the ground. Herds of sheep and cows were scattered over the grassland leisurely. What a fantastic and natural beauty of Hanging Prairie! You'll never really know what the man's world in the seventh heaven is unless you entered into the boundless meadow and garden.

Staying among them, the scenery of high sky and broad land with overwhelming vigor, which makes visitors experience the boundless imagination. At the moment, the people and nature seem to melt into one another. I could scarcely contain my feelings of triumph and bewitchment. 

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