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Beautiful Mount Dongming Forest Park

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Mount Dongming Forest Park is situated in the territory of Yuhang in Hangzhou, occupying an area of 6,954 hectares, with forest coverage reaching over 75%. Mount Dongming Forest Park belongs to the northern subtropical region southern edge monsoon climate, with long winter and summer, as well as the short spring and autumn. The abundant sunshine, continually warm and moist climates usually favor the development of complex and stable ecosystems.

Its special natural environment had formed the unique social microclimate, cool in summer and warm in winter, with an average annual temperature ranging between 14.8 and 15.7 degrees Celsius, no intense heat in summer, no severe winter, which made it become one admirable place for summer resort, holiday and leisure. Mount Dongming Forest Park boats its luxuriant vegetation, beautiful scenery and lush tree groves.

The lustre of the forests of thickly clustered conifers and deciduous trees is dark and light, which presents an infinite variety of shapes. Evergreen broad-leaf and deciduous broad-leaf trees are a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors. The vast bamboo sea had donned her mantle of brightest green. Among the spring flowers and autumn leaves, the paths would wind along mountain ridges; listen to the ripple of the stream in the roar of raging waters.

Its incomparably beautiful landscape of waters and mountains is also fascinated by visitors as a tourist spot. At the place, while taking a walk, each season the beautiful mountainous flowers are in an unending parade. The antiquities could be seen everywhere. The mountain ranges rise and fall among the green. The hills sweep around the hidden valley, thickly grown with towering ancient trees and the mountain road with many zigs and zags. What a natural scene with thick forest and beautiful scenery!

The winding bamboo paths will lead you to serene sports, with the bamboo shoots as of a screen. The Jingshan Peak rises 489.7 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak around the place. We stood on the peak and gazed away out to the offshoot of Tianmu Mountains that streamed away towards the forest. The crisscrossed paths are on a farmland on Liangzhu's vast land. The willows dance in the breeze on the night scene of West Lake. It's the most moving scenery of climbing the Jingshan Peak especially on a clear day.

Just as the dawn is breaking, a red sun is blazing up over a sharp horizon. The scenery is expected to be very striking beauty. Mount Dongming Forest Park is situated at the north side of fringe region of the ancient Liangzhu Culture Ruins Monument, which is not only the graceful and green background layer and view belt in the whole ancient Liangzhu Culture ruins, but also the overlooking spot of taking a survey of the scene of the vast Liangzhu's land.

Mount Dongming Forest Park is closely related to the ancient Liangzhu Culture Sites Preserve. In view of relying on the Liangzhu Site that is under the circumstances of contemporary culture with deep cultural significance, with the background advantage of profound cultural resources, Mount Dongming Forest Park enjoys a worldwide name. 

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