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Beautiful Mount Shengjing Scenic Spot

 2014-09-19    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    2010  

Shengjing Mountain historic and scenic site is located within the territory of Danan village of Rui'an City in Zhejiang Province. It's municipal-level scenic resort and historic site in Wenzhou city. Mount Shengjing historic and scenic site is named after the Shengjing Mountain that is the famous religious mountain with a long history in southern Zhejiang. The sacred well is right on the foot of the altar. The water from this well tastes both mellow and sweet.

The construction of the Shengjing stone temple started in the first year of the reign of Emperor Jingding in the Southern Song Dynasty. It's considered as the total stone-constructed architectural complex that is the earliest, the largest scale and best-preserved one in the period of southern Zhejiang. Inside the temple is one water well whose water is sweet and mellow and never runs dry or overflows. It was given that name because people addressed it as "the first well under heaven."

On the mountainside flowers and plants could meet the eye on every side every April. The present Shengjing Mountain scenic spot is on the point of stepping into the blooming flower season when the beautiful flowers are blanketing hill and dale and trees and shrubs are bursting into glorious blossom. The annual Shengjing Mountain Culture Tourism Festival begins on the fifteenth day of April each year.

When the time comes, the visitors coming here would enjoy the flowering azaleas all over the hill that stood out in sharp relief against the most gorgeous and superb flower sea among the green and fresh shady trees. The ancient Rui'an City for thousands of years is not only blessed with the natural scenery with mountains and rivers that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye, but also the rich historic and cultural accumulation.

Shengjing stone temple is the precious cultural relics under state protection. The whole architecture is composed of Yuhuang tower and stone temple, originally is the place for people praying for rain. The temple for praying rain was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. The sculpt shape is oddity and is rare temple in south China special for spraying rain.

Shengjing stone temple occupies a ground space of 480 square meters with a floor space of 229 square meters. The building with the perfect symmetry is composed of more than 3000 granites without one brick or wood. From this, we can have some idea of the great originality of the scenery at the stone temple. Most experts believe that the whole architectural design and installation of Shengjing stone temple have reached the unparalleled technical levels at that time.

The connection between the stones is so complete and exquisite that has won people's great admiration. The flowering azaleas all over hills and countryside add a touch of lightness and freedom to the heavy ragged Shengjing Mountain. The scenery is just like an enchanting picture of the world of the immortals. In your leisure time, it won't hurt to rove the Shengjing Mountain. 

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