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Beautiful Mount Songyan Scenic Spot

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Songyan Mountain is located behind the Songyan Village of Jiaokeng Township about 7.5 kilometers to the west of Huangyan district of Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province. The scenic spot of the Songyan Mountain more often than not have a mountain peak as an inseparable companion. Songyan Mountain reached the Celestial Ladder via the Eighteen Flights with the zigzag and tortuous path.

Two peaks rise very steeply, which are pleasantly surprised the world with perilous peaks. The perilous undulating mountain range is mostly about over 100 yards in height. Songyan Mountain scenic spot with the enthralling sight and peaks rising one upon another had attracted a great number of travelers. Shidaren is such one kind of rock with weird-looking shape that resembled the figure of a man.

Lianjianping with tranquil and serene environment is blessed with the little bridge, pond, luxuriant woods and bamboo groves. There're towering ancient trees at the door of the Shifeng cave had a girth that takes two pairs of outstretched arms to encircle. Daishi temple built in the reign of Emperor Liu Yu in Southern and Northern Dynasties marks the beginning of Songyan Mountain scenery area.

The local people dressed quarry stone as a ladder with over 420 steps in its middle. And every step was scarcely able to proceed with only one foot, the old name as a patch of sky. The scenic spots of Songyan Mountain are distributed mainly on the front and back end of Songyan Mountain, which fell into the front scenic Songyan Mountain and the back Songyan Mountain.

The front scenic Mount Songyan is mainly with Lianfeng Mountain, Daishi hill and Shidaren Peak at the core. There're ancient pines and cypresses and Daishi temple on the fringes of its front scenic Mount Songyan with an area of about 120.75 hectares. The back Songyan Mountain with a small area of about 43 hectares centers about the temple.

The junction of the two districts is the waterfall ladder scenic area that Yunpian waterfall and the Celestial Ladder predominate, which covers a large area of about 4075 hectares. Three independent scenic spots could make up of the complete scenery zone of Songyan Mountain. In total, Songyan Mountain makes up an area of some 214.50 hectares.

The main scenic sights of Songyan Mountain are the four wonders of Songyan. Among which the Celestial Ladder is both precipitous and very narrow; and Yunpian waterfall is both swathing and extremely eye-catching; Lianjianping with the altitude of about 330 meters above sea level is steep and rough; Shidaren peak comes stately with a depth of awe which could make Songyan Mountain even more attractive.

The cultural activities within Songyan Mountain had a very long developing history. As early as the Neolithic Period, human beings had existed at the place where a fair number of ancient Liangzhu culture ruins had been unearthed at Xiaolihui. The plantation of citrus fruits apparently began from the Three Kingdoms more than 1,700 years ago. Moreover, Songyan Mountain is also blessed with the profound religious culture. 

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