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Beautiful Mount Zhaomu Forest Park

 2014-08-22    Young    Sights    Chongqing    2237  

There's one small mountain at the central Xinqu in the northern part of Chongqing City, running from east to west, with the treacherous winding roads and natural vegetation. That's the famous Zhaomu Mountain that displays the bright sharp mountainous and hilly natural views. The history had some strange preference in Zhaomu Mountain, the time for hundreds of years to spread out the sand and choose gold had been deposited on Zhaomu Mountain.

The well-known champion of the Southern Song Dynasty Fengshixing once came to the mountain to build human habitation. The monumental arches of Ming and Qing dynasty had been totally preserved until today. The refrigerant and mellow Xiaomu spring flowed out forward steadily and quietly. Relying on the natural and geographical conditions and the cultural accumulation of filial piety and love, Mount Zhaomu Forest Park inherited the ecological concern of getting closer to nature so as to create the natural ecological landscape of extraordinary workmanship of nature.

The park boasts its beautiful natural eco-environment, the splendorous scene, the distinct identities with classic simplicity, elegant and refined rhythms and the deep profound culture. As the artificial downtown forest park, the Mount Zhaomu Forest Park has the peculiar charm of character. If you have come to Mount Zhaomu, you're compelled to gasp with admiration at the daedal hand of nature and man-power particular ingenuity.

The Mount Zhaomu Forest Park planted with a thousand of tree species within 4,300 acres of land. The extravagant vegetation shows large infrared reflectance, which the surrounding geological areas are only as bright as that shown on the green spectral record. The local workers paid special attention to protecting the mountains and native vegetation in the construction process, so as to ensure its original, natural and unsophisticated appearance.

Meanwhile, they also created a large number of forest landscape, enriched the types and hierarchy of the plants, and created a sightseeing and vacations environment that was rich in ecological flavor. Looking out into Mount Zhaomu that is clothed with rich and varied vegetation, it resembled a long green dragon, running zigzag up the hill. From nearby, it had the exceedingly thick trunk and dense groves of tall bamboos.

With large stretches of meadows, the air is always clean and fresh here and the scenery pleasing. The fragrant flowers are scattered all along the mountains like stars in the sky. Visitors are talking about the small island as if they were going to spend their holiday in a paradise on earth, and distance could lend enchantment to the view, I just image. The buildings inside the Mount Zhaomu Forest Park normally adopted traditional folk style. These buildings and forest scenes could bring out the best in each other as they blend into a unity.

The distinctive and pleasing quality of the park is its culture, and the buildings, picturesque rocks, the horizontal inscribed board, antithetical couplet, valuable inscribed tablets and the plants are the specific cultural carriers. All of these could melt into the park's diversified geography and the green background, as if it were scattered unwittingly, flowing with the atmosphere of culture. 

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