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Beautiful Mount Zheyang of Gansu

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Zheyang Mountain is located in the Dacaotan township of Dingxi City in Gansu Province, which is one National Forest Park and National Grade AAAA tourism scenic spot as well as one of the main scenic spots of national rock-climbing base. Zheyang Mountain takes its name from the sunrise being shadowed by the mountains.

It's located in the joining area between the west end of Qingling Mountain and the Minshan Moutain, about 2000-2800 meters high. In total, Zheyang Mountain accounts for an area of some 36 square kilometers. The scenic spot is not only blessed with enormous quantities of the steep and picturesque cliffs and grottoes, but also the large areas of the mixed coniferous broad leaved forest, as well as dozens of the rare birds and animals inhabiting the place.

The scenery zone also has preserved the more ancient culture ruins. Zheyang Mountain is the tourist resort with the extremely beautiful natural scenes and a great number of human tourism resources. Zheyang Mountain is composed of three scenic spots including the West River, the east river and Yimen Mountain. The western river with the overall length of about 7.5 kilometers could be the essence and charm of the whole mountain.

Each scenic site of the West River had many carved inscriptions by the famous people in Song and Ming Dynasties. Owing to their long-standing history and natural erosion, the inscriptions seems blurry. However, the "West River" and "Yunsou Cave" carved by Zhang Shunmin who was a celebrated poet of the Northern Song Dynasty were still visible. It had been one huge famous scenic spot in the Song Dynasty.

Zheyang Mountain is mainly featured by karst landscape, as well as the gorge, Danxia landform and karst landforms landscape in combination. The constructing relics and trace fossils are very rich and of particular features. The place is of great importance to research the Qingling Mountain, the Qilian Mountain, the Kunlun Mountains and some other mountain ranges, which are representative of the geological landforms, geologic events and the process of its formation.

Various kinds of geological traces of preservation are complete and systemic, which are rich in content and varied in style and extremely high geosciences values. It's the famous tourist attraction in Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. There are numerous crags with a well-worn surface. The area is usually overgrown with the luxuriantly green bushes. The picturesque cragged peaks are as if vying with each other.

Sightseers could see cascading waterfalls and running springs, rare birds and animals, which could have formed the most conspicuous feature of the picturesque landscape. It is called as the rare adventure travel polar region by the experts in northwestern China.

Story has it that Zhang sanfeng who was one outstanding Taoist in Ming dynasty went wandering through Zheyang Mountain, involved in the practice of his religion, spreading the syncretism with Confucianism and Buddhism, and finally jumped into the Dragon Lake, or ascend and become an immortal in the Yusun Peak. The story of Zhangsanfeng taking flight to the land of the immortal on Zheyang Mountain could add a touch of sorcery to the scenery. 

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