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Beautiful Small Jiuzhai of Mudan River

 2014-08-08    Young    Sights    Heilongjiang    1792  

The Small Jiuzhai in northern China is situated in the Hongsheng forest farm in the Chaihe Forestry Administration, 95 kilometers away from the Mudanjiang City proper, also located within the boundaries of the Tiger Mountain National Forest Park as the biggest National Forest Park in the country. In total, the park at the foot of the eastern foothills of the offshoot of ChangBai Mountains accounts for an area of 34.5 million square kilometers.

Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, Naitou Mountain as the highest peak is an elevation of 1,018 meters above sea level. Small Jiuzhai is one recently-developed nature primitive forest scenic spot. There're clusters of rarely beautiful pinnacles within the scenic spot. Small Jiuzhai is attractive to the tourists for its fantastic pines and grotesque rocks.

A bird's-eye view of the whole Small Jiuzhai must then have offered one vast expanse of lofty and upstanding primitive forest. Patches of Pinus Koraiensis that is a provincial tree species in the northeast woodland of our country as well as marvelous flowers and rare plants of all kinds could add to each other's splendor. The environment is very elegant with classic simplicity in the woods. It transformed in a moment into a fairyland of exquisite flowers and sweet odors.

The big fall could offer a spectacular sight with the grand and rare alpine waterfalls in Northeast China and create a thundering noise when it strikes the rocks and water below. From nearby, they are wooded peaks all around, with mountain brooks winding here and there. The plunging water always sends out a never-ending roar as it strikes the rocks. The biggest fall of waterfalls have a drop of 15 meters.

Here you could not only appreciate the dense forest with towering ancient trees, but also enjoy a unique north China scene. This coincided with its reopening up to the outside world which has enabled an increasing number of visitors to travel there in order to experience at first hand the impenetrable mystery of the dense forest and poetic imagery of the immense forests and the endless white plains.

Mountain climbing, recreation, expedition and forest bathing could satisfy the culture need of tourists with different age, different hobby, and different taste to a large extent. A hiker's dream comes true. The Small Jiuzhai offers the heavily wooded hills in the distance. The crystal mountain streams cascade among the mountains.

It was indeed a lonely world without humans, nothing existing but the roar of flowing stream reverberating in the hollow hills. As the first drifting in the Tiger Mountain, the impetuous torrent of water could bring you the adventure and excitement you require; while the steady flow mixed with romantic enthusiasm and implicit could give you a kind of artistic enjoyment.

Forest-clad mountains and sparkling mountain streams are expected to be very beautiful and unspoiled. The place boasts elegant natural scenery along the drifting route. It is such a scenic spot where "visitor could tour in pictures with green hills and clear water; while boats sail on water."

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