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Beautiful Xiaokeng National Forest Park

 2014-07-15    Young    Sights    Guandong    788  

Located within the boundaries of Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guandong Province, Xiaokeng National Forest Park accounts for over 16,000 hectares. There're rich animal and plant resources in the woods. Within the park is one very big artificial lake that occupies a ground space of over 400 hectares. There are a lot of islets in the lake. Here the clear artificial lake and park stand in the midst of luxuriant trees.

From here, one can enjoy an unobstructed view of the lake and the surrounding hills. The natural beauty of lakes and mountains could indeed add radiance and beauty to each other. What is known as the hot spring that contained radon is perhaps the most attractive of the many famous sights. People are saying that this kind of hot spring belongs to a class of the best medical high quality mineral water, very similar to water quality in Xi'an.

The mountain forest accounts for 160,000 hectares, with forest coverage reaching 85%, among which the primitive forest occupying over 30,000 acres of land. At present, there are over 1,600 wild plants in the forest, 33 of which are listed in the costly and rare species under special state protection.

The radon containing hot spring in the park is exiguous in the province. The minute amount of radon element in the spring was very effective in curing rheumatism. It is also probably the greatest advantage of the effective cure for adjusting the human cardiovascular system, nervous system and menstruation disorders. At present, the hot spring sanitarium area, forest villa district, island holiday zone have been completed and are thrown open to the public, and have opened quite a number of aquatic amusements and forest tourism projects.

I cannot believe that the Long Lake with the charming scenery ever was an artificial lake shaped like the crescent moon. The surface of the water in the lake is as smooth as a mirror. Here you could have the option of going boating in the lake or sitting by the lake side angling.

The crystalline stream was emerald green. In a small bay, the stream goes in a roundabout way. Many different kinds of delicate and graceful scene filled with green mountains and beautiful water here that are both beautiful and amazing. The inmost depth of the lake is about 60 meters, creating a habitat for aquatic birds.

The air temperature here remains at or below 20℃. The maximum temperature during the hot summer days is only 25 degrees centigrade. If it snows in the cold winter, you could enjoy a scenic landscape of snow. There're all surrounding mountains around natural hot springs.

As spring approaches, it becomes a fogbound place; many of the trees in the summer time stretched so far forwards as almost to blend the water with the shore, when seen from a little distance. As summer merges into autumn, the red maple trees were aflame with color; as the cold winter is approaching, there was a smell of steam pervading the atmosphere. 

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