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Beautiful Yanming Lake in Jilin

 2014-08-27    Young    Sights    Jilin    1753  

The fascinated Yanming Lake wetland is located at the Dunhua City in the northeast of Jilin province, also situated at the low reaches of the Mudan River, at the junction of Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces. Yanming Lake wetland's a quiet and beautiful place. It has an area of 1,508 square kilometers, the water surface accounts for 2,202 hectares, the acreage under cultivation accounts for 5,500 hectares, the area of the grasslands accounts for 11,157 hectares, and the forest area takes the largest share at around 125,791 hectares, accounting for 80% of the total area.

Yanming Lake wetland belongs to the state nature protection zone, with the exceedingly rich water resources. There're some 82 large and small reservoirs that predominate in the Yanming Lake reservoir and Tala Lake reservoir. It's one of the distribution centers for freshwater fishes, blessed with a wide variety of costly wild freshwater fishes about 54 species.

Equipped with a temperate climate and surrounded by unique natural scenery, Yanming Lake could become the best transshipment station of hot route for tourists from the Changbai Mountains to Jingpo Lake, by relying mainly on the high-role characteristic tourism resource in its surrounding regions. The Yanming Lake with wonderful scenery has become the vast expanses of virgin land for photographers, attracting numerous tourists from both home and abroad with its great tourism resources including hills and waters, woods and flowers, nature ecological landscape, dainties of every kind and the genuine friendliness of the people.

Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and lush vegetation, here you could view the verdant hill that sent over a cool and fresh greenness, crisscrossed lakes and ponds, the crystal clear Mudan River, the villages facing each other across the river and a lot of historic spots. It is an invaluable beauty spot has gathered together the natural landscape and cultural landscape merging into one organic whole.

201 State highway runs across the scenic spot, adding to the new vitality of the area. In the east of the lake are the brimming river with crystal clear water, the green hills on each bank, a perfect reflection of swimming fish. And the sky and the waters will be merging with each other, adding somehow to the scenic charm of the Yanming.

The surrounding mountains are as of standing in the heavens, while the clusters of white clouds just drift across the surface of the lake. Songs of fisherman is accompanied by the rat-a-tat on the boat, which could break the silence and tranquility of the valley of the Mudan River. At the moment, you would be so forgetful and was unsure whether to be heaven or on earth.

The wild goose full of poesy chirps on the lake, the wild goose full of intelligence chirps on the lake, would without doubt be Fangcaodi that never fade in the heart of ours. The scene of Yanming Lake was picturesque and very peaceful, while various types of rare animals are to be found. Here you could feast your eyes on the beauty of the mountains and waters

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