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Beautiful Yanzhi Mountain in Gansu

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The gorgeous Yanzhi Mountain is yielding a kind of plant named rouge grass that could be used to dyes. The northern rouge since ancient times stands for the famous beauties from the north. Another historical record said that the rouge was used in making red pigments and in dyeing, originally developed in the Yanzhi Mountain at the Xiongnu region in Northwestern China, and brought out by Zhangqian when he was sent by Emperor Hanwu to the Western Regions and developed the famous Silk Road.

In order to arrive at a thorough realization of the whole story, I just check and find the explanation of rouge in Chinese Etymology Dictionary where the so-called rouge is in fact referred to as the flower called Honglan that is used in dyes or pigments to carve beams and paint pillars. Yanzhi Mountain is an independent portion of a range on the northern side of the Qilian Mountain, also the throat thoroughfare along the Gansu Corridor.

Yanzhi Mountain had always been points of battle. As a result, Yanzhi Mountain left many unforgettable legacy from generation to generation that is still spread widely today. Yet the present Yanzhi Mountain boasts its spectacular scenery with the surrounding green peaks winding here and there, the mountain thickly dotted pine and cypress trees, thus it had invited throngs upon throngs of visitors.

Especially every summer and autumn season, the visitors in an unending parade itself formed a unique scene. Every summer Yanzhi Mountain had a dense growth of dark-green cypresses and luxuriant pines and formed a "retreat away from the world". Here you could enjoy the gentle breeze caressing your face, hearing the forest billow sound, and feeling an angel comforting your soul, with birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers.

Its beauty is ever changing but never fails to entice and entrance. The ground evens out on the other side of the Yanzhi Mountain. The carpet of green lawn resembled a vast blanket. Under a cloudless azure sky, the low cloud move or pass smoothly, it seemed you need only reach out to touch the sky. Here you could really see with your own eyes the charm of the poem: "Vast is the sky, boundless is the wilds, in which the goats and cows can emerge only when the wind blows.

If you have the opportunity to go to Yanzhi Mountain and enjoy the sights of the immense forest and vast expanses of snow on the old Silk Road, it would be different features. At the top of the Yanzhi Mountain, it came on to snow generally after the end of October every year.

Through several heavy snows, the mountains and fields are instantly covered with the snow. The intricate shadow of the pine trees was reflected on the virgin snow. It was very quiet in the pine forest. It also gave an outfit quiet elegance even the great mass of snow fell from the branches occasionally. Yanzhi Mountain may be icebound in winter, but it is still no severe winter.

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