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Beautiful Yibin Tianchi Park in Sichuan

 2014-07-25    Young    Sights    Sichuan    2550  

Standing at the western suburbs of Yibin City, Tianchi Park is only 9 kilometers away from downtown of Yibin. The old names for Tianchi are Dianchi Lake and also called as the West Lake. There exist various opinions about the origin of Tianchi. Some people say that it's formed by the watercourse shifts of Jinsha River Valley, others say that it's caused by the fall of earth in the earthquake.

The lotus that grows in ponds and lakes has well spread throughout the entire park. The lotus flower stands erect in the lake, so of pure leisure. Some of the lotus flowers were redder than corals, some of them were whiter than snow. The lotus root produced is exceptionally fresh and tasty. "Tiandi Lotus Root Powder" remains known far and wide to this day.

Roaming through the green grass and smelling the fragrance of lotuses, here you could release all your vitality thoroughly, here you're able to enjoy an unobstructed view of miles of lotus flowers dancing in the breeze as sunset glow fringes of the clouds. Within the park is the beautiful garden. Garden displaying potted landscape and rose garden has been put up here for the viewers.

The garden has an area of 2,500 square meters. People have butterfly fruit, euphorbia pulcherrima, wintersweet, maple tree, cuckoo and many other flowering tree and shrub round the garden. All of them in bloom are contending in beauty and fascination. It is no exaggeration to say that in that leafy, flowery and busy time, to look for anyone in the flower garden was like playing at "hide-and-seek".

Here you could also a verdant lawn occupying a ground space of 400 square meters. That was regarded as a little, green-carpeted breathing spot. The garden displaying potted landscape takes up a total land area of 3,000 square meters, all sorts of stumps and potted landscapes with assorted shapes in the park are of wonderful workmanship excelling nature.

The rose garden where a number of flowering trees and shrubs including modern rose, cedar and southern magnolia are planted has an area of 4,000 square kilometers in total. Among which the cedar less than one square meter yet standing tall and erect with luxuriant foliage. Here you could view the lotus pond with all these flowers and broad leaves like this.

On a summer morning, the light and translucent mist could have risen above the surface of the water, and the breeze was laden with the scent of fresh lotus leaves. That intoxicating hue was spread out as of a huge lotus leaf, the whole of it displaying a quite fantastic green. Though the expanse of misty and rolling waters there was not as vast as in the ancient Tianchi Lake, visitors could still see and appreciate its green mountains and its emerald waters

The Tianchi park now which you take from a distance to be inexplicable place in deep elegant seclusion has been an admirable place to get to for leisure and tourism. The spring breeze flushes and the green leaves dancing is a vivid description of Tianchi scenery.

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