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Beautiful Youxian County of Zhuzhou

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Youxian County is the pearl of beautiful scenery which is connected with remote mountains, rivers, scenic landscape, and rich in tourism resources that are unique. There is a sight, which has been identified as a national geological park, called Phoenix Mountain with phoenix ridge, the golden water round silver pit, especially the parkland of Port Wine River where there are a series of remote mountains and lakes, caves, and geothermal resources

This summer, I have made a wonderful journey in Youxian County as soon as I got my degree. I went there with my best friend and her families. First, we walked and arrived at the geological museum of Port Wine River. The Museum presented the simulation of a geological park, a wetland park and a forest park. When I was in the museum, I felt as if I were in the real parks. How beautiful they are! As is known to us all, it was under construction as a new type of museum during last year which serves as the “second classroom” of students and has received more than ten thousand students.

After we left the museum, we set out to another place named Jiuxian Lake by speed boat. The lake is so broad that we had a little long trip on the speed boat. What delighted us most were the beautiful lakes and mountains. Then we could not help imitating the classical actions of Jack and Rose in the famous movie Titanic. Finally, we got to the bottom of the mountains where her grandparents caught up with us. There were so many beautiful flowers and trees along the road that we stopped to take some photos. When we reach the top of the mountain, the scenery in the misty dawn appeared more beautiful because the light rain. During the journey, what surprised me most is that her grandparents climbed mountain without being left behind. We appreciated the beautiful scenery along the way while listening to grandma and grandpa tell us the story of native folk customs.

Later, after a short rest, we began to walk down the hill. I saw the true love of families. Due to the bad weather and the steep mountain road, her father together with her mother, her grandpa together with her grandma, held each other’s hand in order not to fall down. Now, as a wonderful memory, I think I will never forget this journey.

 Only people live his life to the fullest, will the small things become more beautiful.

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