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Beautiful and Richly Endowed Qinghai Lake

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The Qinghai Lake, also known as Ku'Ku'Nor In the Mongolian language, meantime, it also goes under the name of Cuo'Wen'Bu in Tibetan, and both of the names mean a blue sea, so it has got its present name of Qinghai in Chinese or Blue Sea in English. It's located on the Qinghai Lake Basin that is in the northwestern of Qinghai Province.

Qinghai Lake is the Chinese biggest inland lake, averaging over 3,196 meters above sea level and covering an area of 4,635 square kilometres. It's not only the largest biggest inland lake, but also the largest saltwater lake in our country that was produced by geological movement before two million years. It is saline with a 0.6% salt content, the largest inland salt water lake in our country.

As a beautiful, rich and vigorous land, Qinghai Lake enjoys the fame as the paradise of a place. The lake with fine watersheds offers moisture and water for the highland pasture surrounding it. It is recorded in ancient books that the lake is the meeting place of many rivers and streams, with natural springs on its four shores. Hence there is good pasture land for animals that is rich in grassland resources. Aquatic birds feed on fish in which they can find enormous quantities of supply in the lake here, a large percent of the scaleless variety known as Huang fish.

The signs of human habitation are sparse in Qinghai Lake which has agreeable weather and four distinct seasons, and as the land overflows with resources of every kind like abundant natural food supply and migratory birds that are naturally attracted to this place by then. For the beautiful mythical tales casting glamour over its beautiful scenery, Qinghai Lake has today become a central attraction of the resort.

Qinghai Lake is like a sparkling and translucent sapphire and craftily set on Qingzang Plateau against the azure sky.. Seen from a distance, Qinghai Lake is like a blue sapphire settled on the vast expanse of the plateau. The featured plateau tourism resources of Qinghai Lake are monopolistic in nature and unique throughout China and even the world with brilliantly developable prospects. Qinghai Lake lies in a sheltered pocket of four magnificent mountains with elevations from 3600 meters to 5000 meters. The feather gorgeous birds nobly and gracefully hover in the sky while countless fish swim in the water.

The lake is surrounded by panoply of mountains like splendor Datong Mountain, lofty Riyue Mountain, long Qinghai South Mountain and rugged Xiangpi Mountain, provide a natural defense for the lake. Along the path by the boating lake, there is grassland that extends for several hundred miles. When your eyes ranged over the Qinghai Lake, you could view the lush and verdant landscape.

The glistening and billowing waves flow gently through the Qinghai Lake, adding to the charm and attractiveness of the bright pearl on the plateau. Fluctuant mountains, peculiar spring, vast areas of green grassland and yellow wheat fields presented a picturesque scene of vivid yellow and tender green in the Qinghai Lake. 

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