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Beautiful & Romantic Bays of Sanya

 2013-11-06    Selina Ou    Tips    Sanya    3902  

Located in the southernmost of Hainan Island, also known as the “Oriental Hawaii”, Sanya city has already attracted too many people by its beautiful and romantic costal scenery with blue sea, long beach, gentle breeze, happy weaves and smily coconuts...

So at this winter, equip yourself with those basic Beach 6 Necessities, get down to find the most beautiful and romantic bays at Sanya city. By the way, why there is a saying of Beach 6 Necessities to Sanya, because you only need a chair, a book, a bathing suit, a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of sunscreen and a glass of coconut water, then you’ll get to the paradise where Sanya belongs.

As for the beautiful and romantic bays to see at Sanya, there are two famous one have to included on the top list, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay.

Yalong Bay

Standing in the southeast of Sanya city, Yalong Bay is about 28 kilometers away from Sanya city. This is a half-moon-shaped bay, which adds some extra attraction and romance to its uniqueness. At this bay, you gonna to enjoy the most beautiful and natural costal scenery at that right time. Sea, beach, sunshine, green and fresh air, these five basic factors combines into a picturesque bay.

                                                                                                                                                                        ---Yalong Bay

Sands in the beach are so fine and soft that you even feel the gentle touch when you stepping on them. That wide, quiet, clean blue sea, lying ahead, like a happy child with innocence and purity. Why it is a innocent and pure child, because you can see what’s real in him. You can see his real inner beauties with your own eyes. The colorful sea bed scenery under the ever clean and blue water with coral reefs, casual and easy fishes, rare seashells. Whenever there comes a wave, they scatter away, leaving you with smiles.

At Yalong Bay, get a sea-view room, then you’ll get the romance you want. Morning with the first gentle sunshine, dusk with the warm sunset glow, swing between coconuts trees, enjoy delicious seafood buffet and professional SPA, walking in a beach trail... Nowhere to go but this romantic place.

Sanya Bay

When come to Sanya Bay, there are three things to do. Enjoy the beauties of Coconut Dream Corridor, experience a fisherman’s life and visit Tianya Haijiao.

There is a famous Coconut Dream Corridor at Sanya Bay, about 20 miles long. At dusk, wearing your beautiful dress, strolling at this romantic coconut dream corridor with your friends. Still soft sands, blue sea, gentle breeze, sporadic laughters, swaying coconuts tress, dancing dresses and the sunset glows that lights up your dreams.

                                                                                                                               ---Strolling at Coconut Dream Corridor

At the east port of the Bay, you are able to experience the real life of a fisherman. At dusk, when you hear powerful resonating “one, two, three”rhythm from fishermen, go and join them. Helping them hauling the fishing net, collecting fish, licking up shells, catching crabs, this is a special experience.

Right Tianya Haijiao, the end of the earth. The name has obviously get a romantic thing itself. But what impressive are the special huge rocks with beautiful stories and meanings there. Standing out along the seaside, they completely engage with the blue sky and sky, silver beach and white sails, spectacular and imposing.

                                                                                                                                                                        ---Tianya Haijiao

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