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Beautifully Landscaped Kuitan Lake

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The beautiful Kuitan Lake is located on the northern side of Nanling County in Anhui Province, just next to 205 National Highway, only 16 kilometers away from the Wuhu city proper. This Kuitan Lake with wonderful view account for an area of 700 hectares in all, it's the largest lake all over the Wuhu city.

According to historical documents, during the Three Kingdoms Period, Kuitan Lake was once used to be the important place for Zhou Yu as the Nanling's first county magistrate to oversee the training of his navy. Zhou Yu was a brave general of the Wu Kingdom. Most of us have heard the saying "Zhou Yu beats Huang Gai, the punishment is appropriately given by one and willingly accepted by the other." And the tomb of Huang Gai who was one of the great soldiers of history was on the shore of the lake.

The rich cultural sights that are combined with the miraculous natural sight could really exhibit the artistic realm of Kuitan Lake which attracted plenty of tourist all over the world. Kuitan Lake since ancient times had been known as "the land of fish and rice". With deep accumulation of humanities and history as well as good dimate and fertile soil, Kuitan Lake is a land of assembled distinguished people and beautiful sceneries.

The region teeming with fish and rice is one great tourist attraction that merges unique human landscape and beautiful natural scenery into an organic whole. The Kuitan Lake is blessed with the four large leading lights including the most brilliant landscape, the human sceneries with a long history, famous home of the sport throughout the country and simple folk residences features.

Kuitan Lake has been given more widely attentions for its extremely high ornamental and tourist value. Thanks to the isolation for complex geographical environment, a great deal of human cultural landscape of Kuitan Lake conserved has become tourism resources with greatly exploited value. Kuitan Lake's cultural resource is very colorful and high value. It contains excellent touring and sightseeing value, and it's worth deep opening up and widely developing.

Kuitan Lake scenic spot is characterized by the small geographical scope and distribution of 7 islands in the lake. Kuitan Lake with more than 10,000 acres of wide and deep running stream is the first large lake in Wuhu city, framed like a bright pearl in its setting of Wuhu city. The well-known Yanghe lotus root and Kuihu glutinous rice were ranked as the tributes during the Qing Dynasty.

As the ancient and famous commercial place with a long history, the Kuitan Lake market town where could bring along and promote the development of other areas had realized the distributions in the areas of three counties and eight towns, and was really the prosperous trading place of agricultural and sideline products. The Kuitan Lake market town is an important distribution centre for producing the farm product and by product. The distinctive scenery of Kuitan Lake would surely give you and your family sweet memories.

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